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USA Today: Gene DeFilippo Fifth Highest Paid Athletic Director In ACC

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USA Today recently compiled a list of salaries for 111 of the 120 Division I-A football schools athletic directors, and Boston College AD Gene DeFilippo ranks as the 5th highest-paid AD in the ACC.

According to the list, DeFilippo's annual salary is $600,884, putting him behind only Duke's Kevin White ($908,659), Wake Forest's Ron Wellman ($694,950), Georgia Tech's Dan Radakovich ($623,500) and Clemson's Terry Don Phillips ($601,510).

Miami was excluded from the database as some private schools maintain unlisted tax information and some public schools do not list an outside income report. The other athletic directors not listed were from Northwestern, Penn State, Brigham Young, Rice, Southern California, Stanford, Temple and Tulane.

However, this USA Today report runs contrary to a recent report in the Herald that noted that DeFilippo made over $1.15 million in 2009. If that figure it more accurate, it would put GDF at the top of the conference. According to the USA Today figures, the ACC's highest paid athletic director currently is Duke's Kevin White, who gets $908,659 a year.

Vanderbilt's David Williams was the nation's highest paid athletics director, hauling in nearly $2.6 million in base pay.