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DeFilippo: Frank Spaziani's Job Safe For This Season

As expected, Mark Blaudschun's latest article about the current state of Boston College football is rife with excuses and rationalizations. The most interesting quote, however, comes from DeFilippo, who makes it clear Spaz's job is safe for the rest of the year. So you can put down your tar and pitchforks, at least for the time being.

"We've had so many injuries and are so young,'' said DeFilippo. "I'm around Spaz every day. He's a great coach.

"We are going through a rough stretch right now, but if you look at the ACC, every team other than Virginia Tech has had one sub-.500 season.''

Let's take a closer look at GDF's claim that everyone in the ACC has had (at least) one sub-.500 season in the ACC. Here are the worst single season records for each of the ACC's 12 football programs since 2005:

1. Virginia Tech -- 10-4 (2008)
2. Boston College -- 7-6 (2010)
2. Florida State -- 7-6 (2009)
4. Clemson -- 6-7 (2010)
4. Georgia Tech -- 6-7 (2010)
6. Miami -- 5-7 (2007)
7. N.C. State -- 3-9 (2006)
7. North Carolina -- 3-9 (2006)
7. Virginia -- 3-9 (2009)
7. Wake Forest -- 3-9 (2010)
11. Maryland -- 2-10 (2009)
12. Duke -- 0-12 (2006)

At first glance, it would appear that Florida State also has had a winning record every year in the expanded ACC. But upon closer inspection of the record books, you'll note that for the 2007 season, FSU finishes with an 0-6 record after they finished vacating all their wins from that year. So, technicality.

Anyhow, I'm glad our AD is happy to settle for going from second on this list to ~11th in the span of a season. I'm perfectly content watching this program free-fall down this list to be more closely associated to the Wake Forest, Maryland and Duke football programs. Because it's all about the academic associations, amiright?

(Aside: over half of the ACC's programs have had their worst football season in the last two seasons, and you wonder why this conference has a national football perception problem.)

Further down the page, Blaudschun closes with this gem.

"The Eagles are in a rough patch right now, and it might get worse before it gets better, but Spaziani and DeFilippo think the program is headed in the right direction."

Two questions:

1) Can it really get worse before it gets better? What is worse than 1-11? (Don't answer that.)
2) 11 to 9 to 8 to 7 to 1-2 (and no postseason) ... this is a program heading in the right direction?

OK, maybe you should pick up the tar and pitchforks after all.