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Boston College Vs. Clemson Football Drinking Game

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In order to make it through this Saturday's game between Boston College and Clemson, I have decided to create a drinking game. Let's be honest. Every game this season has made us all want to drink, so why not make it fun and relaxing?

Hopefully with the thorough level of inebriation you won't want to throw a candle through your flatscreen TV.


Anytime the announcers bring up Luke Kuechly's tackle total ... DRINK ONE

Luke Kuechly makes a tackle ... DRINK ONE

Mention of an injured Boston College player ... DRINK ONE

"Andre Williams runs straight ahead....but he is met by a wall of Clemson gain" ... DRINK ONE

Reference to the loss of Montel Harris ... DRINK ONE

Blown assignment by the offensive line ... DRINK ONE

Chase Rettig overthrows or underthrows a wide open receiver ... DRINK ONE

Any time a Clemson offensive player burns a BC defender ... DRINK TWO

Chase Rettig is sacked ... DRINK TWO

TV cuts to Frank Spaziani who looks dejected ... DRINK TWO

Camera shows a hot scantily clad Clemson co-ed ... DRINK TWO

"And the Eagles are forced to punt" ... DRINK TWO

"Sammy Watkins is wide open! TOUCHDOWN!" ... DRINK THREE

"Andre Ellington only has one man to beat, TOUCHDOWN!" ... DRINK THREE

Clemson intercepts Chase Rettig, drink half a beer if the wide receiver could have prevented the INT if he ran the right route ... DRINK THREE

BC has a third and long ... DRINK THREE ... and runs a halfback draw ... DRINK ANOTHER ONE

The TV crew talks at length about anyone on the BC defense not named Luke Kuechly or Kevin Pierre-Louis ... DRINK THREE

BC is called for a stupid penalty ... DRINK THREE (double if it's a personal foul)

The announcers get a chuckle out of BC players names such as Spiffy Evans and/or Steele Divitto ... DRINK FOUR

Any mention to losses to Duke ... or Wake Forest ... or UCF ... or Northwestern ... DRINK FOUR

You hear the name "Kevin Rogers" or "Gary Tranquill" ... DRINK FOUR

TV graphic showing the offensive or defensive woes of the Eagles ... DRINK FOUR

BC scores a touchdown ... GUZZLE YOUR BEER

Dave Shinskie enters the game ... GUZZLE YOUR BEER

Any mention of the consecutive BC bowl streak ending this season ... again, GUZZLE

Frank Spaziani blames the players in the post game press conference ... GUZZLE YOUR BEER

Clemson gets a pick 6 on the opening series of the game ... GUZZLE JACK DANIELS

Clemson is up by more than 28 at the half ... MORE JACK DANIELS

BC puts up less than 10 points the entire game ... EVEN MORE JACK DANIELS

It is just getting so bad you can't watch it anymore and decide to watch another game ... (you guessed it) JACK 

Boston College wins ... POP A BOTTLE OF MOET AND SCREAM "Like Kevin Garnett ... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!"

Boston College loses by 60 and fire Frank Spaziani immediately following the game ... MOET*


* extra credit for BC students who mob Alumni Stadium to celebrate

Please drink responsibly.