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Boston College Daily Links: This Week In Schadenfreude Considers Permanent Move To Chestnut Hill

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This Week In Schadenfreude: Buckeye Walrus Apocalypse (
You never know what the last straw is for a particular fanbase. Apparently for Boston College it's losing to a bunch of Baptists after losing to everyone else. Wake Forest 27, BC 19 was enough for both prominent Eagle blogs to title posts "Fire Frank Spaziani," with BC Interruption ready to throw aside common sense and everything else in pursuit of someone, anyone else.

Best of Times, Worst of Times: Hello, Michigan defense. Will you be staying? (Dr. Saturday)
Boston College fans seem like a basically patient, reasonable lot, especially when it comes to a guy who helped bring the program back from the brink in the wake of an epic gambling scandal in the mid-nineties. But the two most high-profile B.C. blogs on the web were unequivocal after Saturday's 27-19 loss to Wake Forest: It's time to fire Frank Spaziani as head coach. Like, yesterday.

BC's Harris is down again (The Boston Globe)
"We have to look at some things,’’ said Spaziani, who must dig deep into his depth chart for this week’s game at Clemson, since backup Andre Williams sprained his right ankle against Wake Forest and is iffy. If Williams is out, too, the Eagles will be down to redshirt freshman Tajh Kimble, sophomore Rolandan "Deuce’’ Finch, and junior Mike Javorski.

BC’s Montel Harris sidelined again (
"We are taking a guy called ‘Deuce’ and making him ‘Uno,’ " Spaziani said of Finch.

A warming trend for BC's Freese (MetroWest Daily News)
"I tried to put it behind me," said Freese. "It wasn't easy to do. I was pretty upset. But after talking to some people, talking to my parents, I just had to put that stuff behind me and learn from it. You just try to grow and move on. ... Stuff happens in life and you have to learn from it, make it make you a better man."

Boston College Visits No. 8 Clemson (Sports Network)
"There is not anybody other than these 115 players and this staff that believed we would be 5-0," Swinney said. "But, you know what? That's all that matters. The thing I told our team, and they have bought into it, is that if you are going to change Clemson you have to change it from the inside out."

ACC upset watch: Week 6 (ESPN ACC Blog)
I don’t think there IS an upset brewing in the ACC this week. If Clemson doesn’t beat Boston College, it’s not as good as its No. 8 ranking indicates. Same with Georgia Tech and Maryland. That’s not to say, though, that a few ranked ACC teams won’t be vulnerable this weekend. Things could get interesting in Blacksburg and Winston-Salem. 

Jerry York On Notre Dame Joining Hockey East (
"We're very excited to bring the Irish into Hockey East. As everybody is well aware, Notre Dame had its choice of conferences to join. For the Irish to pick Hockey East speaks volumes for what we, as a league, have done in the past and what our future looks like. This also brings a longtime, successful coach - Jeff Jackson - into our group of coaches, which is another big plus. We understand that the league will become that much tougher with Notre Dame as a member. For Boston College, it continues our long-standing rivalry with Notre Dame, though now it's on a league basis."

Rumblings: Avery's next step, Turris' progress, Doan's future in the desert (ESPN Cross Checks Blog)
"He's had a really strong camp," Jackets GM Scott Howson told "He's had two outstanding seasons at Boston College, won a national championship, had two seasons of over 30 goals. We're all a bit surprised he showed so well here, and he just kept getting better and better during camp. Now the real challenge is to see if he can keep it up during the regular season."

Meet The Women's Basketball Team (
The 2011-12 Boston College women's basketball team has started praticing for the upcoming season. The season should be exciting as the Eagles have a competitive schedule as Fairleigh Dickinson, Boston University, Holy Cross, UMass and Central Connecticut will all come to Conte Forum in the first month of action.