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Happy Halloween From The Ghouls At BC Interruption

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Jack-o'-lantern (via <a href="">wwarby</a>)
Jack-o'-lantern (via wwarby)

Hello Witches and Zombies ... and Kevin Rogers!

From all of us at BC Interruption we would like you to wish you all a happy Halloween. Make sure to eat tons of candy corn, drink pumpkin beer and stick pins in the arms and legs of your E.J. Manuel voodoo doll.

This afternoon the talk of twitter wasn't the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, but the Twitter hashtag #ACCCostumes. Many different ACC tweeters were sending out tweets describing their best ACC related tweets.

Let's see what BC related costumes and Halloween related jokes you can use to impress your favorite gal or guy.

-- Dressing as members of the BC BBall team is easy, just wear whatever the hell you want, no one will know who you are anyways.

-- Kids dressed as Gary Tranquill won't get any candy because he only goes up the middle of the street (via DocHeelFire)

-- Your Coach Jagodzinski costume will probably be a perfect fit, but don't let your boss see you talking to another employer in it. It never ends well for any party.

-- Your Dominique Davis costume probably won't go over well at your party, but don't let anyone else wear it because it probably will look much better than any costume idea you could come up with.

-- Don't bother trying to dress as Jerry York. Perfection can't be imitated.

-- Ill dress like Luke Kuechly and get all the candy on the street before anyone else on the field reacts (I kid, I kid)

-- I'm giving candy as Spaz. I'll blame Jags for lack of selection and berate kids for not having good enough costumes. (via GPidge)

-- You could dress as former Eagle Sean Williams, and come up with a great costume idea because you were born with that talent. But you could make questionable decisions, completely forget about the party you were supposed to go, and leave your friends high and dry. Probably want to stay away from the BC campus too.

-- You can dress like Gene DeFilippo and prevent your slightly dumber neighbor from trick or treating at all the good houses

-- Dress like Matt Ryan. But be forewarned, all your costumes for years to come will be so lacking that it will make you profoundly depressed.

-- Or you can take pot shots at the Big East. You could dress up as John Marinatto and go trick or treating 3000 miles from home (via Kmcpartland)


Anyone else have any good BC related Halloween costume ideas? Happy Halloween!