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In Case You Missed It: Mark Herzlich On 60 Minutes

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Last night CBS's 60 Minutes featured a segment on former Boston College star -- and now New York Giant star -- Mark Herzlich. The complete segment is above for those of you like me who don't watch 60 Minutes. Basically tells the story most of us already know by heart.

Mark Herzlich was a top college football player in 2008, received Ewing Sarcoma diagnosis after season, comes back ...

There is some great details in there that I didn't know before the show. 

While most of the interview was stuff we already knew, there were some interesting nuggets in there. Mark Herzlich had the option of having a cadaver bone to replace the bone where the tumor was. He decided for the titanium rod instead. I had no clue that Mark's parents were both athletes. I guess I lived in a hole, but I had no clue that Teddy Bruschi was such a mentor to Herzlich. Bruschi's guidance seemed very important to Herzy.

Also when the NFL lockout ended in July, Mark had 25 voicemails from interested NFL teams. His rehab program definitely helped build his strength back up, and his hard work and dedication made him much more attractive to NFL teams than he was back during the NFL draft.

Again great story, and another reason to be proud of not only Mark Herzlich, but the entire BC community.