Boston College Vs. Maryland Game Ball: Eagles Offensive Line

[Ed. note -- Edited, Promoted]

I was so excited watching the game yesterday. Mostly because I've heard a lot of people trash talk the offensive line and Coach Devine all year. Well, the offensive line dominated that game. Even when the defense knew BC was going to run the football, they still rammed it right down the Terps' D's throats! It was an offensive lineman's dream game. Everyone knows that they've been dealing with youth and injury. That's tough in the short term. But it will pay huge dividends when all of these young guys are seniors. (They are actually all older than me so it's weird to say that)

Obviously everyone on the team was a part of that win and should be congratulated, especially the defense. But I think the game ball goes to the O-line and Coach Devine. Shout out to Rolandan Finch and Andre Williams as well for spanking the Maryland defense!