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How Bad Is It? A Statistical Look At The BC Season So Far

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Much has been said already about the terrible start of the BC Eagles. Losses to Duke, Wake Forest, Northwestern and UCF have left the fan base flabbergasted and frustrated. But how does BC compare against the rest of college football statistically?

Hopefully you haven't eaten your dinner yet,  because you may get sick. Strap in this is going to get real ugly.


Scoring Offense: 20.6 points per game (99th in the country)
Total Touchdowns Scored: 11 (101st in the country)
Rushing Yards Per Game: 116.6 (94th in the country)
Rushing Touchdowns: 4 (96th in the country)
Passing Yards Per Game: 218.0 (74th in the country)
3rd Down Conversions: 37.33% (86th in the country)
Red Zone Offense: 76.92% (89th in the country)
Field Goals in the Red Zone: 30.77% (20th in the country....this is not a good thing)
Plays of 10+ Yards: 66 (50th in the country)
Plays of 20+ Yards: 19 (70th in the country)


Scoring Defense: 23.6 (51st in the country)
Rushing Defense: 153 (67th in the country)
Rushing TD's Allowed: 10 (96th in the country)
Passing Defense: 250.2 (87th in the country)
Passing TD's Allowed: 3 (5th in the country....WTF???)
Total Yards Allowed: 403.2 (85th in the country)
Opponent 3rd Down Percentage: 44.4% (90th in the country)
1st Downs Allowed: 20.4 (70th in the country)
Interceptions: 5 (35th in the country)


Penalties: 40.2 (20th in the country!!!)
Time of Possession: 29:21 (70th in the country)
Turnover Margin: 0.2 (50th in the country)
Sacks Allowed: 11.0 (80th in the country)


Yikes. If that doesn't paint a grim picture of the football season, I don't know what will. Boston College is practically near the bottom in every statistical category that holds any validity (and this is against less than stellar talent). These numbers are going to completely crumble if they don't completely turn their season around against Clemson. 

Is floating around with the New Mexico's, UAB's and Memphis Tigers what we expected with this season? How the heck are they going to turn any of this around by the end of the season? 

This is clear and indisputable evidence that there is something very wrong with this football team. Is it lack luster talent? I seriously doubt it, I think the talent is there remember we have the ACC Preseason Players of the Year on Defense and Offense.  Instead a complete failure of a team on all sides of the ball lies with the coach. Frank Spaziani can't even get his team to do little things right, let alone win games. 

But enough of my griping. Which of these stats bother you the most?