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Would You Rather Have Spaziani Or Edsall As Coach? And The Big Finish

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Brian: One of the story lines you'll likely hear during Saturday's Boston College vs. Maryland game is the fact that Terps coach Randy Edsall is a former BC staffer and applied for the vacant football head coaching position job in both 2006 and 2009. Both times he was passed over by Jags and later Spaz. Edsall was also very vocal about Boston College scheduling a long-term football series for UConn.

Now Edsall gets another chance to notch that first win over his former employer. In his game preview though, Eagle in Atlanta doesn't view Edsall as the coach that got away.

"Randy Edsall made a big deal out of getting the Maryland job and claimed it was his dream job. BC fans know that his real dream job was in Chestnut Hill. He thought he had the role when we hired TOB. He wanted it when it opened up in 2006 and 2009. Now that ship has passed. Even with all his success at UConn and our frustration with various coaches at BC, I've never viewed him as the one that got away."

So go back to January 2009 for a minute. Now knowing what you do about Edsall's track record at UConn and now at his "dream job" in College Park, compare to Spaz's record as HC the last 2+ seasons. Who'd you rather the Eagles had hired back in 2009? Spaz or Edsall? Your thoughts?

Jeff: I'd rather have Edsall right now as our HC. Edsall inherited a program that was struggling. It shouldn't be too shocking that they only have 1 FBS win this season. A lot of people expected more out of Maryland this season but most of those people got caught up in Danny O'Brien mania. As it has turned out, he is fighting to get on the field instead of being considered the best QB in the conference. Spaz meanwhile inherited the two-time defending ACC Atlantic Champions. Spaz should have had more success with the Eagles up until this point. He should have a better recruiting class coming in next season.

I am an Edsall fan and think he'll ultimately have more success at Maryland than Spaz will at BC and more than Friedgen had at Maryland before him. Yes, I know Maryland won the ACC under him.

I will hedge a little though and agree with ATL that Edsall is not the coach that got away. There was no strong argument that Edsall was the obvious choice back when Spaz got promoted. The best argument for not hiring Spaz was simply to not hire Spaz. Many people seemed to anticipate the program heading in the direction it currently is once Spaz was hired.

Big Finish

Brian: The second annual Ice Jam was held on Thursday at Conte Forum. Should we make this an annual thing?

Jeff: Yes, it sounds like there's still room for improvement though.


Jeff: Joe Trapani asked to be released from his Italian team. What's up with that?

Brian: No clue. Sounds more than a little weird.


Brian: Here is a Q&A with Bobby Swigert, whose was shut down by the Hokies D (no receptions) after compiling a season-high 93 yards receiving vs. Clemson. Does Swigert get things going tomorrow?

Jeff: Yes, we should be able to throw on Maryland.


Jeff: West Virginia is the latest team to leave the Big East. Who is the next Big East team to leave?

Brian: Trick question. Nowhere left to go for the remaining five. Anyhow, I think Marinatto is (finally) ready to start inviting a few new programs.


Brian: The NCAA's Board of Directors approved a reform that will tie bowl eligibility to a minimum multiyear APR score of 930. You like the move?

Jeff: Love the move but still shocked it got approved.


Jeff: Hockey remains perfect in Hockey East play with a 4-2 win at UMass-Lowell last night. Does BC get the weekend sweep?

Brian: You have to like the Eagles as they return home tonight. So yes, BC stays perfect.


Brian: Last one. Prediction time. Who ya got? What's the final score?

Jeff: I like BC to win today and stay alive for a bowl game one more week. Boston College 23, Maryland 17.


Pick 5


Kansas at Texas (-28)
Boston College (+7.5) at Maryland
Navy (+21) at Notre Dame
Wake Forest (+6.5) at North Carolina
Clemson (-4) at Georgia Tech


Virginia Tech (-14.5) at Duke
Tulane at East Carolina (-16.5)
West Virginia at Rutgers (+7)
Michigan State (+4) at Nebraska
Stanford (-7.5) at USC