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Conference Realignment: West Virginia To Big 12, Pitt And Syracuse To Join ACC Sooner?

The Big 12 and West Virginia made it official today, with the Mountaineers winning the roshambo over the Cardinals for the 10th and final spot in the conference.

West Virginia, a member of the Big East Conference since 1995, was formally invited on Friday to join the Big 12.

Big East spokesman John Paquette confirmed that the Mountaineers have notified the conference of its intentions. 

The Big 12 plans to remain at 10 schools.

West Virginia's exit from the conference leaves the Big East with just five football playing members -- UConn, Rutgers, Cincinnati, South Florida and Louisville. Read Rick Pitino's comments on the move for a good laugh.

Stop by The Smoking Musket to join in on the celebratory couch burnings, and check out Card Chronicle for the schadenfreude.

In other realignment news, the ACC may be adding Syracuse and Pittsburgh sooner rather than later. West Virginia reportedly has an offer that would allow them to bypass the 27-month waiting period if they fork over $21 million to the Big East. Pittsburgh and Syracuse could also pay the $21 million exit fee to speed up the 27-month waiting period.

John Swofford and co. better get started on that 14-team schedule format and divisional alignment ASAP.