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Eagles' Graduation Success Rates Second in Nation

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via <a href="">najarich Flickr</a>
via najarich Flickr

Congratulations are in order for Boston College's various varsity sports programs. Boston College tied for second in the nation for overall Graduation Success Rate (GSR) in all sports among Division I-A football schools, according to data released by the NCAA this week.

Stanford-East, indeed!

Twenty-one varsity sports teams recorded a perfect GSR score of 100, including men's baseball, fencing, golf, skiing, sailing, swimming and tennis along with women's basketball, cross country/track, rowing, fencing, field hockey, golf, ice hockey, sailing, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis and volleyball.

The 21 teams with a perfect score was best in the country for I-A schools, and the third straight year the Eagles have earned the most perfect scores among I-A schools.

In football, BC was one of six I-A football programs to score over 90 percent (93). Notre Dame (97), Northwestern (94), Duke (93), Rice (93) and Navy (91) were the others. Looks like the football program won't have to worry about the NCAA's tougher academic rules, and can focus more of  its time on returning to bowl eligibility.

This year's statistics were based on the GSR of the four entering classes from 2001-02 through 2004-05.