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Vote For Boston College's Parker Milner: College Hockey's Best Goalie Mask

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College Hockey Inc., the marketing and PR arm of NCAA Division I men's college hockey, is running a cool competition over on its Facebook site. College Hockey Inc. is running a 32-program single-elimination tournament to determine the best goalie mask in college hockey.

Today's matchup pits Boston College's own Parker Milner up against the New Hampshire's Matt Di Girolamo. Here is the site's description of Milner's mask:

BC's Parker Milner has an eagle atop his mask with its talons grasping the "BC" logo. 

And Di Girolamo's ...

Matt Di Girolamo features Wildcats with a camouflage theme, along with the Latin "Veni Vidi Vici" - "I came, I saw, I conquered" - on the back plate.

Though you can't really say Di Girolamo has earned the "Vici" now, can we? #UniversityofNoHarware

Show your support for Milner and the Eagles by heading over to College Hockey Inc.'s Facebook page and commenting on his far superior goalie mask. Voting closes today at 2 PM Eastern.

Go Eagles!