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Boston University Student Newspaper Weighs In On ACC Expansion

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A writer for the Daily Free Press, Boston University's independent student newspaper, recently weighed in on the latest round of conference realignment and ACC expansion because ... well, I have no idea. But the writer did his best to channel his inner Mark Blaudschun / Rick Pitino (a former Boston U. employee, you know) and take BC to task for keeping UConn out of the ACC.

"As a native Bostonian, I've built up a pretty heavy tolerance when it comes to the arrogance that tends to seep out of Chestnut Hill. For as long as I can remember, Boston College has had this inexplicable, holier-than-thou approach to . . . well, everything.

We get it. Flutie was the man, and you guys were like six spots higher than us in the U.S. News rankings. Congratulations."

Six spots? Or 22.

"Unfortunately, that Hail Mary fell into Phelan's arms 27 years ago, and the rest of the country still thinks you're the most overrated school on the East Coast.

So, please do everyone a favor and stop pretending that BC was your first choice. It's unbecoming. You can admit that you didn't get into the University of Notre Dame. There's no shame in that."

Oh, right. Every student that attended Boston College didn't get into Notre Dame. Cliche much?

"Now, that being said, I can actually understand the cockiness from the students. As unfounded as it may be, it's part of the college experience. Plus, it's not entirely their fault that they've been brainwashed into believing that they go to Stanford University-East."

Stanford University-East ... cute.

[Long winded recap of the latest round of ACC expansion and conference realignment ... tongue-lapping both Pittsburgh and Syracuse ... blah blah blah]

"The same was true of Syracuse. Undoubtedly an elite academic institution, its location also expands the conference's reach into the northernmost part of the country. While their football program has been down of late, the tradition is there, and the basketball program is one of the nation's standard-bearers. It was a slam dunk, so to speak."

So, Boston College = most overrated school on the East Coast ... Notre Dame rejects ... thinks they are Stanford-East. Syracuse University ... undoubtedly an elite academic institution, program with football tradition ...

31 Boston College
53 Boston University
62 Syracuse

[More recapping of ACC expansion, possibly informed by some of Mark Blaudschun's latest expansion posts ...]

"So, once again, and as always, BC finds itself defined by its abundant insecurities. Some things never change."

The only thing insecure about any of this is this writer's insecurities of not getting into Boston College, or Northeastern, or both. To the Freep sports department, maybe you should focus more on this year's disappointing hockey season and less on a sport the university stopped participating in 15+ seasons ago.

As a reminder, it's been 642 days since BU last beat Boston College in hockey.