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Boston College Opens As 7.5 Point Underdogs Against Maryland

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The opening line has come out for the Boston College and Maryland game this weekend. Gamblers get out your second mortage/wife's wedding ring/child's education fund and get ready to blow it all.  Many of you already know that BC will be going into this game as sizable underdogs. Vegas has the opening at 7.5, which sounds about right given the way both teams have played this season. I'm going to shock you all, by saying put it all on Boston College.

That's right, bet on the Eagles. Here's why. Boston College is averaging a paltry 18.7 points per game (14.3 if you take out UMass), while Maryland is allowing 31.4 points a game (a mind blowing 36.1 a game if you take out Towson). Randy Edsall is still utilizing his UConn approach of not playing defense at all. This could be the game BC actually does the unthinkable and actually scores over 20 points in a game against an FBS opponent. If BC could get Finch going, Rettig should be able to move the ball, and HUZZAH SCORE TOUCHDOWNS.

On the defensive side of the ball, Boston College has been equally putrid, allowing 26.3 points a game (27.8 if you remove UMass), while Maryland has scored an average of 25 points a game (24.5 if you remove Towson). Factor in the mess at QB for Maryland, and this could honestly be a game that BC could win. BC is just going to need to put a defensive effort like they did against the Hokies in the first half, but you know, for an entire game this time. Not going to say they will, because you have to factor BC coaching incompetence into any equation, and I still haven't figured out a valid formula for that yet.

Last weekend was the first time this season BC beat the spread--UMass doesn't count because there wasn't an official line for the game. Before the Virginia Tech game, the Eagles were a mind blowing 0-5 ATS. I'm not a betting man, but if I were to put money on this weekend's game against the Terrapins, I would bet BC. I don't know why, call it stupidity, but I just have a feeling that this weekend BC could surprise the Terps.