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Football Teams Better Than Boston College, According To Jeff Sagarin

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Yesterday I stumbled upon this depressing post over at the Northwestern blog Sippin' On Purple. Northwestern ranks 110th in the latest Jeff Sagarin rankings. But since NU beat BC in the season-opener, and the Eagles have a worst record than the 'Cats, the Eagles are even further down in the latest ratings.

Boston College ranks 137th in the latest Sagarin Ratings, ranked between I-AA Jacksonville State and I-AA Delaware. So, yeah.

Let's take a closer look.



SEC: The SEC is home to the top two teams in the nation -- LSU and Alabama -- as well as Mississippi and Kentucky. But only Kentucky is ranked 100+ in the conference, coming in at 101. The Eagles would lose to the Wildcats by a touchdown on a neutral field, according to Sagarin's ratings.

Big 12: According to Sagarin, the Big 12 is the best conference in the land with eight of the conference's ten teams ranked in the top 26. The conference's two lowest ranked programs -- Iowa State (62) and Kansas (78) -- would beat BC by double digits.

Pac-12: The Eagles rank lower than every program in the Pac-12 and that includes fairly awful teams in 2-5 Oregon State, 3-4 Washington State and 1-7 Colorado. On the bright side, the Eagles would eek out a win over the Buffs at Alumni Stadium, but lose on a neutral field.

Big East: This one hurts. Just ... wow. The Eagles are currently worse than every program in a thoroughly mediocre Big East. Our football program has gone from 12 straight years of bowl game appearances to hypothetically going 0-8 in the Big East. Thanks, Spaz.


#141 Minnesota
#142 Indiana

That's it. That's the list.

And though the Big Ten's Minnesota and Indiana rank lower than BC, it's not by all that much. In fact, both programs would beat the Eagles if they traveled to Minneapolis or Bloomington, according to Sagarin. 


Perhaps if we dip into the ranks of the I-AA, we could find a conference that Boston College could conceivable win this year. Let's dig a bit deeper here.

Mid Eastern Athletic Conference: Move over, 158th ranked Norfolk State. If the Eagles joined the MEAC, they would dominate a conference that includes Bethune-Cookman (175), SC State (183), NC A&T (188) and Florida A&M (192). If we can't beat one team from Tallahassee, you can rest easy that BC would beat the Rattlers by ~10 points.

Northeast: BC could move to the Northeast Conference and dominate local teams like Albany (177), Bryant (202) and Central Connecticut State (231). Because if you can't even beat the Duke Blue Devils, at least you could beat the Central Connecticut State Blue Devils!

Pioneer: This may be the oddest football conference in the country, with teams in Poughkeepsie and San Diego. The Pioneer League is also home to the worst program in Division I -- Valparaiso -- a team BC would beat by roughly 38 points ... on a neutral field, natch.

SWAC: Boston College is ranked higher than the SWAC's current leader in the clubhouse, Alabama State. But just barely. Boston College vs. Alabama State for the SWAC Conference Championship would be a dog fight, and would likely come down to a field goal.

In sum, there are just five ... count them ... five Division I conferences that the Eagles could conceivably win this year. And that's the good news ...


Big Sky: At least we'd finish in the top half of the league ... behind Montana State (84), Montana (117) and Eastern Washington (128). LOL @ Sacramento State (147)!

Big South: League leader Liberty (116) is ranked higher than Boston College, a program that lost at N.C. State 43-21 in week 1.

Colonial: Seventh! behind Maine, Towson, James Madison, New Hampshire, Old Dominion and Massachusetts, even though the Eagles beat the Minutemen by four touchdowns. At least we're better than Rhode Island and maintain some bragging rights in New England.

Great West: The Great West has just five football programs, yet the Eagles currently rank fourth in this conference behind Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, Southern Utah and South Dakota. Thankfully, BC barely beats out North Dakota at 139 ... and UC Davis at 154.

Missouri Valley: Sixth behind these college football powerhouses: North Dakota State (65), Northern Iowa (66), Indiana State (113), Illinois State (118) and Youngstown State (135).

Ohio Valley: 136th ranked Jacksonville State has a slight edge over Boston College in Sagarin's ratings and pitting the Eagles and Gamecocks against one another would make for an epic cock fight conference Championship game.

Patriot League: Third behind Lehigh and Holy Cross, who I just realized still plays college football.

Southern: Eighth, ranked behind every SoCon team with the exception of Elon and Western Carolina. Yeah.

Southland: We couldn't beat Northwestern, but we could beat Northwestern State. Problem is we couldn't also beat Sam Houston State, tops in the Southland.

Last, but certainly not least.

Ivy League: 3rd behind both Harvard and Brown. So much for being the reigning football kings of Massachusetts.

Commence jumping off the Tobin.