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Download The New (And Improved) SB Nation iPhone App

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The SB Nation iPhone app v1.1 is now available for download in the App Store! We heard your feedback and suggestions, and we listened, making improvements to the comments, FanPosts and the overall experience. Oh, and we made sure it was compatible with iOS 5.

Now, in addition to helping you stay on top of all the latest news and commentary for and all 300+ SB Nation blogs, version 1.1 includes:

  • Faster loading comments to help you follow along in real-time
  • Vastly improved comment experience, including the ability to jump to the next unread comment, mark comments as read and reply in-line
  • FanPosts
  • Blog colors of your favorite sites
  • An in-app browser

Here's how to get it:

Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for "SB Nation" OR Go here and click "Download Now."


1. The SB Nation Android app will be out by the holidays and include all of the functionality and features of the iPhone app
2. The app is still free
3. SB Nation is far from finished making updates to the app and will continue to add new features and content in the future, including FanShots and push notifications.