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2011 Blogpoll: Week 9 Ballot

Here is our week 9 SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 ballot. The top 10 on this week's ballot get shaken up by the Oklahoma and Wisconsin losses. LSU and Alabama continue to hold down the top 2 spots, but Clemson (up 1), Stanford and Oklahoma State (up 2) and Oregon, Arkansas and Michigan State are all the beneficiaries of the Sooners and the Badgers receiving each's first loss of the season.

Oklahoma (down 9) and Auburn (down 7) are this week's biggest losers, with Kansas State (up 5), USC (up 4) and Houston (up 4) the biggest gainers on the week. West Virginia, Georgia Tech and Illinois are out this week, and are replaced with Texas, TCU and Georgia.

Maybe next week: Iowa, Syracuse, Baylor, Miami

By conference: 6 SEC, 5 Big Ten, 5 Big 12, 4 Pac-12, 2 ACC, 2 Mountain West, 1 Conference USA

Thoughts / comments, let's hear 'em.