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Five Good Minutes: Virginia Tech Preview With Gobbler Country

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To preview this weekend's "showdown" with Virginia Tech, we welcome back the crew from the SBNation Blog Gobbler Country. Make sure you head over there for all things Hokie (whatever that means).


BC Interruption: After a slow start, Logan Thomas has really come on strong the last two games (590 Yards 5 TDs 0 INT). How are you feeling about the maturation of your first year quarterback?

Gobbler Country: If you'd have asked this after the Clemson game, the answer would have included many *&#%@$#%'s. He's been excellent in the last two games, and it's safe to say he's found a comfort level. With his performances getting better and better, I feel pretty good about having him at the helm.


BCI: Bud Foster again has put together a championship caliber defense. Does Boston College stand a chance at scoring any points against this D? What players have really stood out so far?

GC: Obviously Jayron Hosley has been solid for the Hokies and James Gayle has really sustained pressure on the defensive line. As Miami showed, there's potential for putting up points, but let's be honest Miami has a bit more talent than the Eagles. It will be tough for BC to score a decent number on Saturday.


BCI: You are currently a half game behind Georgia Tech in the ACC Coastal Division. How do you see the race playing out (including the huge November 10th matchup at Georgia Tech)?

GC: It should be interesting, I think the loss that GT had to UVa. (chuckle) caught everyone by surprise. By virtue of that, it seems like the race may be more wide open than we thought previously. But going to Atlanta on a Thursday night will be extremely difficult. Personally, I think the Jackets win the Coastal.


BCI:  ACC expansion has been all the talk this season. How are VT fans feeling about the additions of Pittsburgh and Syracuse?

GC: I can't speak for all Hokies, but I would use the term, 'indifferent'. Tech's a football school and neither of those schools really presents a huge threat to the Hokies. In basketball is where the league will feel the impact and for a program that keeps being left out in the cold, a couple of extra conference losses won't be good. On the flip side, Tech will have more opportunity to make a statement in conference and boost their resume. Because there really isn't a clear cut plus or minus, I'll stick with 'indifferent'.


BCI:  Forget asking about who will win this game, even as a BC fan I have little to no hope that the Eagles will pull of an upset. The bigger question, will the Hokies cover the spread (-21.5)?

GC: After three consecutive tough games, Tech could overlook the Eagles and maybe even be close at halftime. However with Logan Thomas' continued maturity, I think this one will probably get out of hand pretty early. Too much for the Eagles to keep up. I'll say Tech wins, 37-13. I guess a field goal could go BC's way for the cover.