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Notre Dame Hockey: All Signs Point To The Hockey East

Negotiations have progressed rather quickly for the future of Notre Dame hockey. And everything is pointing to a move to the Hockey East Conference

Earlier today the National Collegiate Hockey Conference announced that they were sticking to an 8 team format and wouldn't be looking to expan. That basically limited Notre Dame to either Hockey East or hockey independence. Rumblings out of South Bend confirm that Notre Dame is hammering out final details for the move to Hockey East, and that the official announcement could come at a press conference on Wednesday. 

Tom Nevala, Notre Dame’s senior associate athletic director confirms that the Irish are narrowing their decision but is vague in his response: 

"At this point we have finished our investigation as to what our future affiliation is going to be," Nevala said prior to Notre Dame's exhibition game Sunday evening at the Joyce Center. "I think it's prudent at this point to wait until we have all the parties involved together, all the formalities out of the way and then the appropriate announcement will be made. I look for that probably Wednesday of this week."

This is a major coup for the Hockey East. Obviously Notre Dame brings an incredible history a new stadium, and a great program to an already strong conference. Does this have any bearing on football? Absolutely not, but this was the response HE needed after the so called "Super Conference" formed this summer.

Now the question remains, if the Irish indeed join Hockey East, will Joe Bertagna go after another school to even out the conference?