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2011 ACC Basketball Media Day: Boston College Quotes And Notes

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Patrick Heckmann Media Day
Patrick Heckmann Media Day

This morning was the annual ACC Basketball Media Day in Charlotte. Patrick Heckmann, Dennis Clifford and Coach Steve Donahue represented Boston College at the event. Though no one from BCI was able to make the trip, we bring to you some of the top quotes from the Media Day. Muchos gracias to ACCSports, BCHoopsNews and JoeOvies for the great scoops.

Heckmann on what we can expect from his style of play:

@BCHoopNews Patrick Heckmann cites versatility and decision making as strengths of his game in Raycom interview.

On why Heckmann selected to play at Boston College

@ACCSports Heckmann notes that BC's offense is very, very similar to style played in Europe. Big reason why he's an Eagle.

On the challenges of Heckmann's first season

@accmb #BC Patrick Heckmann: "Will be hard for us, but have to fight through & hope we learn fast, have to be motivated every day" #ACChoops

Did Jerry York and the success of BC Hockey have something to do with Dennis Clifford's decision to play at BC?

@ACCSports Dennis Clifford cites love of hockey, grew up with rink in backyard. Best Christmas gift: hockey net

.Wonder why BC is projected to finish last in the ACC?

@Scacchoops Moderator points out this is the first time ever that a team has sent two freshmen to ACC Media Day

Coach Donahue on the unique challenges and positives of coaching a team of mostly freshmen:

@accsports It’s a blast. It’s pure coaching. It’s why you get into it. " - Donahue on his freshman-heavy team.

On who could be the star this season

@accsports "If someone’s going to average 15 a game, Matt Humphrey has that opportunity."

Coach Donahue was asked what he does well. His response:

@accmb #BC's Donahue on the three things he (Donahue) can do well: "parallel park, shoot great hook shot & whistle" - he then whistled into the mic

Finally, the preseason poll (not a big surprise):

RT @joeovies: ACC Predictions: UNC (57), Duke (2), FSU, UVA, Miami, VT, Clemson, NCSU, Maryland, GT, Wake, BC. #ACCHoops