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2011 Blogpoll: Week 8 Ballot

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Here is our week 8 SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 ballot. Little change in the top 10 this week with 3-8 staying the same this week. The one big change at the top is a swap -- once again -- of 1 and 2. This week it's LSU over Alabama.

The biggest movers on the week include South Carolina (up 6), Michigan State, Virginia Tech and Kansas State (all up 5). Georgia Tech is this week's biggest loser, dropping 14 spots for losing in Charlottesville for the 9th time in 10 tries! We give North Carolina, Texas and Baylor the heave-ho, replacing with Auburn, Houston and USC.

Maybe next week: Texas, Notre Dame, Washington, Georgia

Teams encouraging the most disagreement between ballots include Texas A&M (7.07), Houston (5.66), Arizona State and Penn State (4.24). 

By conference: 6 Big Ten, 5 SEC, 4 Big 12, 4 Pac 12, 3 ACC, 1 Big East, 1 Mountain West, 1 Conference USA

Thoughts / comments, let's hear 'em.