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Conference Realignment: Clemson (Again) Denies Interest In Move To SEC

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It appears that Mark Blaudschun's fantasy Big East implosion scenario that sent Clemson to the SEC and Connecticut to the ACC as the Tigers' replacement made its way all the way down to Clemson, South Carolina on Friday. If Clemson has had conversations with the SEC recently, that is news to Clemson president James Baker, The Post and Courier reports.

"We have not had any contact at all from the SEC whether it be through first, second or third parties," Barker said Thursday morning. "We are part of the ACC and that is how we are planning our future."


Barker said Clemson is committed to the ACC, the same message he delivered the last time Clemson was linked to the SEC in August. Barker indicated the ACC's recent additions of Syracuse and Pittsburgh, have stabilized the conference.

"I think that's been a positive thing for our conference," Barker said."

So I suppose we can put that report to bed, eh Mark? Please circle back with Susan Herbst and the Courant editorial staff since you'll now have to conjure up another false rumor of an ACC school looking to switch conferences so the Huskies can backdoor their way into the conference. Here, I'll go ahead and start you off.

"Word is spreading through the Big Ten that Maryland may come into play as team No. 13, along with Notre Dame, which has had a change of heart and is now more than happy to trade in its football independence to become an all-sports member of the conference. The Terrapins are more of a Big Ten fit than ACC fit in many ways, even though they are a founding member of the conference. Ways that I will not address in this report.


"If that happens, the ACC will be forced to go for a 14th team. The first choice would be Notre Dame, but since the Irish appear headed to the Big Ten than [sic] UConn comes into the picture."

You're welcome.

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