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Boston College Hockey Games To Be Broadcast On 98.5 The Sports Hub

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As it should be, hockey remains our priority today. More big news about the hockey team came out late last night. 98.5 The Sports Hub, who earlier this year unseated WEEI as the top radio station in Boston, has announced they will be broadcasting selected BC hockey games this season.

This means that Coach York and the boys will now be available on your radio, as well as on iPhone and Droid apps.

"FM 98.5 The Sports Hub will broadcast a select series of Friday night Boston College hockey games during the 2011-12 season, the school and The Sports Hub announced on Thursday.

Additionally, the broadcast will be available online in two locations - and - and it will be carried by the CBS Boston mobile app available for iPhone and Android.

"We are very excited to make this announcement," Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo said. "This will provide tremendous exposure for our hockey program and will greatly enhance our fans' ability to follow our team."

"We're extremely pleased with our new association with 98.5," head hockey coach Jerry York said. "The Sports Hub is home to the Bruins, Patriots and Revolution and to have a number of our games broadcast over their radio waves is great for our program."

Now you have no excuse not to follow the most decorated team on the Heights. I am really excited that the Sports Hub picked up a BC sport. WEEI does a great job with the football and basketball games and they have some pretty solid guys announcing the games (I'm a big fan of Jon Meterparel). But it's hard to take WEEI -- the home of Boston College sports -- seriously, especially when they openly trash BC sports every chance they get. It'll be nice to see what 98.5 can do with this.

98.5's first broadcast of BC hockey will be tonight for the Denver matchup. Ryan Johnston and Ken Hodge will have the call.