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Boston College AD Apologies For ACC Expansion Comments

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Well, that didn't take long.

After the very public backlash from Mark Blaudschun's Power Move by ACC article, Boston College AD Gene DeFilippo has sent a letter of apology to the presidents and ADs of the ACC. In his statement, GDF apologizes for any "negative effects" his comments had and said he "spoke inappropriately and erroneously regarding ESPN's role in conference expansion."

DeFilippo did, however, acknowledge that there is still some "ill feelings" towards UConn, saying that it was

"inappropriate to express personal feelings that might have been construed as the position of Boston College or the Atlantic Coast Conference."

The New York Times Pete Thamel tried to also get a statement from Boston College basketball coach Steve Donahue, but he politely dodged the question.

"I don't know if I have a stance. I don't mean to sideswipe the question, having not been through the history of it, I don't know the program and where it fits."

So UConn and the rest of the ACC now have their public apology for GDF's statements over the weekend. And now, we wait on Blaudschun's public apology for his incoherent, thinly-sourced "Big East destruction at the hands of ESPN / ACC" article and UConn's public apology for the school's actions in the wake of Boston College's departure from the Big East in 2003.