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Rival Films Re-Releases The Battle Of Comm Ave On DVD

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Nearly two years ago now, Rival Films released its documentary on the Boston College vs. Boston University hockey rivalry entitled The Battle of Comm Ave. Due to demand, Rival Films is bringing back the DVD, which has been sold out for some time, complete with some new content. 

The pre-order is now on, and you can save 50 percent through October 17 by purchasing the DVD at this link Starting on November 1, the DVD will be on sale at and the Boston University Bookstore (no BC Bookstore??).

This year, the BC-BU rivalry gets its own weekend, with hockey playing at Conte on Friday, December 2, hoops at Conte on Saturday, December 3 and the second half of the hockey home-and-home at Agganis on Saturday night.

Finally, be sure to remind your BU co-workers that it has been 627 days (or 15,048 hours or 902,880 minutes or 54,172,800 seconds) since the Boston University men's hockey team last beat Boston College.

Go Eagles!