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Boston College Daily Links: Globe Long On Expansion Theories, Short On Coherence

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Easily the best take on Blauds taking GDF to task comes from Carolina March. Do you want to move to Boston and cover the BC football beat, T.H.?

Boston Globe: Long on ACC Expansion Theories, Short on Coherency (Carolina March)
So, the entire expansion was kicked off by the threat of the Big 12 poaching Pittsburgh (plausible!) but the initial response was to savage Pitt's conference without offering a spot to the Panthers? That's nuts. There was an equally unsourced report I remember reading somewhere – I can't find it now, but it was unsourced to begin with, so you're not missing much – saying the process was the ACC wanted to reach 14 quickly to inoculate itself from any defections. The offered Syracuse and Pitt, their top two choices, but told them if they didn't jump quickly, the conference would move on to UConn and Rutgers. That frankly seems more plausible than the story Blauschun's pitching. But it gives something for Huskies fans to be angry about and glosses over the fact that they don't bring much to the table in the first place, so why let a little thing like common sense get in your way?

Pitt And The ACC: UConn Left Out? Thanks, Boston College. (Cardiac Hill)
At the same time, let's thank our former (and now future) rivals in Chestnut Hill. For without them, we'd probably be standing on the street corners selling ourselves to any conference willing to pick us up, just like UConn.

Boston College AD: No UConn In ACC; It's A Matter Of "Turf" (
"I don't believe in institutions fighting each other," Herbst said. "We are colleges and universities, after all. I have absolutely nothing against any educational institution, Boston College included. And we never would."

Twitter (Saturdays on Shea)
For years now, Gene and the BC administration have ignored suggestions to improve the gameday experience for fans.  Fans are there to watch the game, yes, that's what they bought tickets for and so should do their best to be in their seats by kickoff.  But the game is part of the greater game day experience that includes tailgating, seeing friends and being back on campus again and, perhaps, just reliving a little bit of the glory days.  Gene needs to realize this and slighting his fans, his customers, on Twitter is not the way to get people into their seats.

ACC Football Power Rankings, Oct. 10 (ACC Sports Journal)
You have to feel some sympathy for the injury-riddled Eagles. Their best receiver (Ifeanyi Momah) tore his ACL in their season opener, star running back Montel Harris is now out for the season, along with starting defensive tackle Kaleb Ramsey. Also, their No. 2 running back, Andre Williams, wasn’t available last week due to a leg injury.

This is Jerry York. Do not question him. Ever.

W. Ice Hockey Retains No. 5 USCHO Ranking (
The Boston College women’s ice hockey team remained the No. 5 team in the country according to the latest poll released on Monday. The new rankings came out one day after the Eagles split their season-opening series on the road against No. 6 Minnesota-Duluth.

W. Swimming Wins One at West Point Multi-Meet (
The Boston College women’s swimming and diving team placed third out of four teams, defeating Stony Brook (158-142), but falling to Vermont (204.50-95.50) and host Army (181-119), on Friday evening in the team’s first meet of the 2011-12 season. Stephanie Ng was named Outstanding Performer of the meet, while Andrea King turned in the team’s Outstanding Performance for the 1,000-yard Freestyle.

BC Hoop News on Twitter @BCHoopNews
Steve Donahue will join the state's other five Div. 1 men's basketball coaches at a media day at BU tomorrow. Watch at