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Enough Is Enough: Fire Frank Spaziani

Fire Frank Spaziani.

Don't wait until the end of the season. Don't wait until it's a good time to do it publicly. Do it now. The man may have great intentions and he may be nice personally, but he was hired to run a college football team and he is failing to do that on all fronts. Today we all witnessed just a taste of how bad things are for this program. We lost to Wake Forest, just two weeks after getting embarrassed by Duke. Seriously. Repeat that to yourself. Boston College is now the laughing stock of the ACC and looking ahead, things are just going to get worse. For the welfare of the team BC needs to get rid of Spaz now.

I want to address Spaz's comments from today's press conference following the Wake loss:

"On the surface, that sounds [good]," Spaziani said of a possible inspiration from the 2010 turnaround. "But this is a whole different team, this is a whole different team with a whole different mindset and a lot of different things surround them, Mentally, they have some other things we have to work through. That was a different team and this one is something different. I'm not sure there is a carryover. I would like to think there was but I don't sense that."

Oh, great. Calling out your team to the media. That usually ends up well. Hey pal, why don't you take some god damn responsibility for having them not prepared for the vaunted Wake Forest defense and All American Tanner Price? Sure the players could execute better, but your game plan has failed week after week. Your inability to adjust your gameplan to your opponent is beyond frustrating. It just shows your complete incompetence to head coach at this level. And why air this out to the media? 

"The margin of error for us, where we are at, is minuscule," Spaziani said. "It's unconscionable, really, for us to have two 15-yard penalties in the first half and three offsides, two of them by veteran players. They are not trying to do it but we can't overcome some of that stuff. We have to get it corrected."

What are you trying to say about your team Spaz? That they don't have talent? Or even worse that they don't have the talent to easily win games against teams like Duke, Central Florida, Northwestern and Wake Forest? Do I dare wonder what you are thinking about your chances against solid opponents like Florida State and Clemson?

Please hold; I'll wait for your answer as you back the bus off your team.

"The problems are there," Spaziani said. "We're making progress. We obviously have to make some more progress. One of the issues is that we have to have consistency in practice. I'm not talking about effort. I'm talking about being out there every practice. Right now, we have to shuffle some guys. It's not an excuse but it shows itself on Saturday. That's where we are right now. You have to do it in practice and you have to do it every day. We'll get it, we'll get it. The sooner the better."

Come on, Spaz. I thought you were better than this. You really just got out coached and out played by Wake Forest and you are going to get in front of the media and blame your team? The players fought hard out there. Remove the excuses and you can see there is a team that can not only win but contend. You have simply failed to prepare them week after week. 

Take your medicine and face realty. You have lost control of this team. You accepted a job that you had no business taking and you don't know what to do anymore. It's OK. We understand that running an offense, large coaching staff and campus responsibilities is tough. Much tougher than just running a defense.

Step down. Go retire somewhere and enjoy all the money you got from BC. It must be nice making seven figures all the while performing your job horribly and having your constituents calling for your head after every game. But stop going in front of the media and blaming your team. It's bad form and BC's fans see right through it. 


I'm sure Spaz won't step down but this has got to stop. I don't know when Gene DeFilippo will get the moxie to remove Frank Spaziani, but he needs to go before Spaz completely ruins the future of this team. Forget the rest of this schedule -- that's a lost cause -- but look ahead. What recruit is going to want to play in this mess? Better yet, what fan is going to dish out money to support it?

Dark days are ahead, but let's face it together without Frank Spaziani.