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Boston College Football: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Vs. Nevada Game Links

Nevada Bloggers and Writers

Getting to Know the Eagle Offense and Getting to Know the Eagle Defense (Pistol Whipping The WAC)
Pack Backer takes a look at both the Eagles offense and defense in advance of tonight's bowl game.

Nevada football: Kraft Bowl is final hurdle for Pack players (Reno Gazette Journal)
"I think it will definitely pick our program up to play a BCS school," Wolf Pack quarterback Colin Kaepernick said. "I think a lot of people still doubt that we can beat BCS schools, especially an ACC team. Coming into this game, we're definitely focused on that. We take it personally and we want to show everybody what we're made of."

Commentary: Pack's passing game will be difference in Kraft Bowl (Reno Gazette Journal)
This writer describes Kaepernick as an "all-world" quarterback. Apparently, we are skipping "All-Conference" and even "All-American," and going right for "All-World."

Nevada a better fit than Boise for S.F. bowl game (San Francisco Chronicle)
Why Nevada was picked over Boise State for the Kraft Bowl, and other game notes. Tonight will be a sellout for the fourth time in five years. The playing field was realigned slightly to make room for teams to take both sidelines, but Nevada and BC will again share one sideline. You know, for "tradition's" sake.


National and Conference Writers

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Nevada vs. B.C. (Pre-Snap Read)
"Colin Kaepernick, meet Luke Kuechly. You'll be on a first-name basis by the end of this game, I assure you. Likewise for Kuechly and Vai Taua, Nevada's running back. You know what? Luke, introduce yourself to the entire Nevada offense: say hello, shake hands and let them know you'll be here all night."

Unsung LB Luke Kuechly will try to slow Nevada's high-powered attack (SI)
"After outscoring opponents 554-287 this season, it's easy to see why everyone's so eager to watch Nevada storm AT&T Park in San Francisco. They just seem to be forgetting one thing: That offense has to go through Boston College sophomore linebacker Luke Kuechly."


Boston College News and Notes

BC could play some defense with offense (Herald)
"Our main focus is no surprise. We're going to run the ball," said right guard Thomas Claiborne, questionable for the game with multiple injuries. "We've got some size advantage over some of the D-linemen that they have, so our goal is to run the ball, pound the ball and keep moving the rock. We want to keep running, keep running, keep running for 60 minutes, try to eat as much clock as possible. That's the plan, and if we can keep their offense off the field, then we should have a pretty good outcome."

BC prepares for Nevada pistol in Fight Hunger Bowl (AP)
Requisite firearm offensive set comparison: "I learned that we better be lined up right and we better be ready," Boston College coach Frank Spaziani said. "They're prolific. I think it's misnamed. It's not a pistol, it's a bazooka. We run the pistol. They run a bazooka. This things explodes."

Moch ado about Castonzo's finale for Eagles (Herald)
Nevada's DE Dontay Moch will be a test for Castonzo and the Eagles O-Line.

BC-Nevada Preview (Eagle In Atlanta)
Glass half-full preview ...

Clearing things up about the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (Soaring To Glory)
... glass half-empty preview

Roundtable: It's Time to Go Bowling (Around The Res)
Middle-of-the-road preview.