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Five Good Minutes: Georgia Tech Basketball Preview With From The Rumble Seat

To preview this weekend's game between the 7-6 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the 11-4 Eagles, we welcome the boys from From The Rumble Seat to answer some questions on this year's Georgia Tech team.

In exchange, we answered some questions on BC over on their site, so be sure to check 'em out.


BC Interruption: Kennesaw State? Charlotte? Huh?

From The Rumble Seat: We are one dimensional on offense. That dimension is...driving into the lane, kicking out to a wing, and missing the wide open three sprinkled with forced midrange jumpers. We cannot pound the ball inside. I'm a football fan first so I guess the best explanation is that we appear to be a team in its first year of installing a run and shoot June Jones offense. We don't have a great quarterback and our receivers don't really know what they're doing but we're still trying to throw the ball 50 times/game.


BCI: Rate these losses in terms of general fan disgust with the basketball program: Kennesaw State, Syracuse, Northwestern, uga, Siena, Charlotte.

FTRS: #1 Georgia loss #2 Kennesaw State #3 The others. I broke down the Georgie loss with great detail. For me, it was the final straw. It was the final indicator that Paul Hewitt doesn't belong at Georgia Tech. Georgia doesn't have the recruiting, the talent, the fans, or infrastructure that Tech does yet still has a winning record over Hewitt. This winning record is happening despite Georgia suffering through 3 or 4 tumultuous coaching changes. It's a joke and it makes me sad to think about it.


BCI: Historically, BC had virtually no success against Georgia Tech prior to the Eagles joining the conference (1-4 against Tech). Since joining the ACC, this series has been fairly even (3-4 against Tech). The BC-Georgia Tech series evening up seems to be representative of a larger trend of 'meh' basketball in Atlanta post-expansion. Would you agree? What's the cause of this? General mismanagement of the program from the AD/coaching staff? An unwanted side-effect of ACC expansion? A little of a), a little of b)?

FTRS: Hewitt only has a winning record against Roy Williams and Sidney Lowe. Why? They run the athletic offense along with a pressing style defense that doesn't require a great X's and O's coach. Lowe has no talent and Hewitt has Williams' number for some odd reason. This happened in the Syracuse game as well. We matched up very favorably with a lengthy, athletic club that lacked a fundamental, execution-driven offense. I'm not a huge follower of BC hoops but if this were the philosophy under Skinner, then I could see why Tech would have success. Secondly, Tech had a good team the previous times Tech met BC. Tech hasn't had a GOOD team since the 2004-2005 season. We've had tournament teams but they weren't necessarily "good." So dropping a few games to anyone in the ACC is expected.


BCI: If you could take one starter from the football team and throw them on the court, who would it be and why? Same question the other way. Which hoops starter would most improve the Georgia Tech football team?

FTRS: If we were talking build-wise, it would have to be Stephen Hill (#5 WR). He is tall, lanky and has plenty of speed. I don't know if I'd trust his ball skills but he could probably be a good 2-guard or wing. Otherwise, I have a hard time stickin' anyone else out there (sad season...tears...frown).


BCI: The Jackets are 0-3 in road games this season. Will Georgia Tech go 0-for in away games this season?

FTRS: Considering we've only won 5 games on the road in the ACC since 2008, I'm gonna say there is a chance we go 0-fer on the road in 2011. We always play well at Clemson.  At Virginia should be a win as well as at Wake Forest. At N.C. State will be a toss up game. So I'll take the over on 2.5 ACC road wins.


BCI: Last one. My grad school already handled Georgia Tech back in November, winning by 20. Does my undergrad institution make it 2-2 over the Jackets this year? If so, who wins by more -- NU or BC?

FTRS: Northwestern played a ridiculously good game. They shot 12-19 from 3 point range. If BC shoots that well, then they should beat anyone by 20. Tech has kept most of its losses close this season so I don't see Tech falling by more than 5 (fingers crossed). I'll give the Eagles the edge because Paul Hewitt finds a way to lose on the road.