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When The Bill Simmons-Boston College Feud Stops Getting Polite And Starts Getting Real

Bill Simmons, ESPN's lovable ESPN sports columnist / podcaster / terribly awkward PTI fill-in host, has been using Boston College as a punchline in his Page 2 columns for years. For example, Simmons used the fact that two former BC QBs were starting in the NFC Playoffs to give all his readers this gambling advice gem:

"Obscure Gambling Tip: You can go against both Boston College quarterbacks this weekend (Matt Ryan and Matt Hasselbeck), parlay the Packers and Bears to win ($100 to win $168), and if it's working, you can pretend you persuaded two former Boston College stars to shave points for you."

(The worst part of the above, of course, is that Simmons was right). Simmons' latest gambling advice is just the tip of the iceberg of his using BC as a running punchline over the years.

There's of course this hilarity from a mailbag in 2003:

"Q: Which places would you avoid [watching the Boston Marathon]?
Avoid the Kenmore area at all costs, because there's a double whammy: the Marathon and the annual 11 a.m. Red Sox game, which makes for a congestion nightmare once Sox fans start pouring out of Fenway (usually around 1:30-2:00, right as the first runners are running through). And Cleveland Circle is always too crowded, filled with drunken BC students bemoaning the fact that they couldn't get into Holy Cross."

And Simmons couldn't resist taking a shot at Matt Ryan's last playoff loss in January 2009:

"The Todd Marinovich Award for "Worst performance by a rookie QB"
Put it this way, Matty Ice: When the Cards are jumping the snap for four quarters, then one of them goes on a radio show saying they jumped every snap count because you called every play on "one," then you probably should enroll in a "How to vary your snap counts" class at Steve DeBerg College this summer. Although I love the potential of a Boston College product not being able to count to two."

Well now you can relive these Simmons BC classics and much, much more in a blog dedicated to chronicling the Bill Simmons vs. BC feud. Something tells me this site will have no shortage of material to post. In fact, I'd be willing to bet this blog can post once a day for the next several years and not run out of material.

Be sure to throw the "Bill Simmons vs. BC" blog in your RSS reader. That is, if you even know what an RSS reader is. You did graduate from BC, not Holy Cross, after all.