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Miami 72, Boston College 71: Reggie Jackson Injured In BC's First ACC Loss

This was one of those games that was incredibly frustrating to watch. Lots of turnovers, not a lick of defense and yet, the Eagles still came within a bucket of pulling out a second straight ACC road victory. It's not like the Eagles weren't without their chances in this one.

Reggie Jackson finished with a team high 22 points, but he was noticeably absent for long stretches of the second half. Despite Jackson's best efforts down the stretch -- an NBA three, a few free throws, a drive to the bucket with a LOT of contact (no foul?) and the team's last eight points -- the Eagles couldn't find a way to win. 

Trapani added 14 points on 6-12 shooting, while Corey Raji and Josh Southern added 13 (!).

The bigger concern for BC isn't its first ACC loss of the season, but rather the status of Jackson's left ankle. After Jackson sank a meaningless three pointer at the buzzer to cut Miami's lead to one, he came down writhing in pain, clutching his left ankle. His landing zone was clear of stray Hurricane legs and Jackson wasn't close to anyone else on the floor. He simply sank the three at the buzzer and then came down holding his ankle. I couldn't even find a noticeable ankle twist when I replayed the sequence on DVR, so hopefully the injury is much worse than it appeared and Jackson returns to the court in short order.

Of course we're left to wonder what happened to Jackson, at least in the short term, as ESPNU cut away with an All-ACC player writhing in pain on the floor. ESPN couldn't extend the broadcast just a few minutes to update us on Jackson's status? Imagine if Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith or Harrison Barnes went down in similar fashion. We'd have a two-hour extended ESPNU broadcast following the player to the hospital, with Lowell Galindo giving us the play-by-play.

UPDATE: Bill says Reggie just rolled his ankle and isn't expected to miss a game. So that's cool. Point stands about the ESPNU coverage, though.