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Vote For Best BC Interruption FanPost Of 2010

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Wanted to close out 2010 by recognizing the best FanPosts of the last year. FanPosts are a great way of getting involved and expressing your thoughts on Boston College sports. "You are the blogger," and all that good stuff.

After reading through last year's FanPosts, I narrowed down the list to these five of 2010.

Here are your nominees:

bkiklis' Sean Williams and the Downfall of BC Hoops

BC2006's How the Fans Got Al Skinner Fired

franz hartl's From the Secret Files of Gary Tranquill

franz hartl's You'll Never Walk Alone at Boston College

BCRaj's Reviewing Boston College Basketball's New Under Armour Jerseys

Thanks to those that wrote FanPosts or FanShots last year, and looking forward to everyone sharing their ideas and thoughts in 2011. Go Eagles!