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BC Interruption College Bowl Pick'Em Final Standings

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In the end, it wasn't even close ...

Congrats to FarrHawk Engage for winning this year's BC Interruption College Bowl Pick'Em, correctly guessing the winners of 25 of 35 bowl games. FarrHawk Engage won going away, finishing with 469 points, a full 58 points clear of second place Hakstol's Middle Finger. FarrHawk Engage was one of only two entries to correctly guess the winner of more than 20 bowl games (Karbo's Set was the other).

Email us -- bcinterruption at gmail -- to claim your prize. We'll send you a $25 gift card to the bookstore for kicking our ass in bowl pick'em.

The rest of the top 5: Hakstol's Middle Finger (411 points), FOR BOSTON from Philly (404), Go Away Spaz (404) and Karbo's Set (402).

The best part about FarrHawk Engage winning is that he stuck with BC through thick and thin, allotting 5 confidence points to a BC victory over Nevada. That's more than I can say for the rest of the top five, as Hakstol's Middle Finger (35 confidence points on Nevada), FOR BOSTON from Philly (34 points), Go Away Spaz (34 points) and Karbo's Set (35 points) all sold the Eagles' chances of victory in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. For shame.

In case you were wondering, after a fast start, I had to settle for 10th place with 391 points. Serves me right for putting 26 confidence points on Clemson over USF.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year. Final standings after the jump. Go Eagles!

Rank Pick Set Correct Picks Points
1 FarrHawk Engage 25 of 35 469
2 Hakstol's Middle Finger 19 of 35 411
3 FOR BOSTON from Philly 20 of 35 404
4 Go Away Spaz 20 of 35 404
5 Karbo's Set 22 of 35 402
6 FromtheRumbleSeat 20 of 35 402
7 Left Coast Eagle 17 of 35 392
8 Eagles Took Action 18 of 35 392
9 BC Class 56 20 of 35 391
10 Pistol Whipping The Pack 20 of 35 391