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Is Ryan Day The Answer For BC's "Anemic" Offense?

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Brian: ATL is reporting that Gary Tranquill will retire after this season and wide receiver coach Ryan Day will assume offensive coordinator duties next season. While Day has some experience under coaches that have gone on to be very successful at subsequent stops in their careers (Chip Kelly, Urban Meyer), Day hasn't had the play-calling experience that others in the staff, like tight end coach Dave Brock or offensive line coach Sean Devine, have had in the past.

Even the most staunch Gary Tranquill apologists really couldn't defend Sunday night's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl offensive performance by the Eagles, and a change was obviously needed to shake up the offense. But do you think Ryan Day, a coach charged with developing BC's current set of wide receivers, is the answer for BC? Your thoughts?

Jeff: I really don't think we can hold the performance of the current receivers against Day too much. Had he been in that same position for the past five seasons, could we? Absolutely, but instead this season he didn't have a ton to work with and that was mainly beyond his control. If Colin Larmond, Jr had played this season it would have helped tremendously. If some of those true freshman were only used in spots instead of being a starter we would be talking about us having some potential talent at the position for the future.

The announcers harped on it during the bowl game but it really is true, we just asked way too much out of our true freshman this season on the offense. Once Montel Harris went down, every play was true freshman to true freshman it seemed. I like the promotion/hire because it's just not Gary Tranquil. I will take absolutely anything other than him right now so I am pretty pumped. In the bowl game we went from run, run, pass in the first half roughly to play action, play action, pass in the second half. Only rolled the pocket once or twice. It was awful.

Brian: I understand wanting to reward current coaches on the staff, and to minimize the impact to recruiting, but Clemson just went out and landed Tulsa offensive coordinator Chad Morris, hiring him to the same position with the Tigers. Tulsa finished the year ranked 5th in total offense, and has finished in the top five in that category three of the last four years (in 2008 and 2007, at #1). Obviously, Morris will bring a high octane, prolific offensive system to Death Valley.

Was it a mistake not to look external to fill BC's offensive coordinator position? Can BC afford to promote from within with this hire when others in the ACC Atlantic are presumably getting better?

Jeff: BC can absolutely afford to promote from within for this position. While this season fell well short of expectations, BC wasn't exactly loaded with talent that wasn't getting utilized. Many players, like the offensive line underperformed from our expectations this season as NFL scouts have noticed. There are no players that helped their draft status this season.

I am going to assume that the program sent some feelers to someone outside the school for the opening. BC knows where it stands and what kind of money it wants to spend these days so Day was probably the best option. Keeping any sort of coaching search quiet before promoting within is certainly best for recruiting. Overall, like I said, I am happy with anyone other than Tranq so I am happy with Day.