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Mark Herzlich's Return In The News

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There was probably no better storyline heading into this year's college football season than the return of Mark Herzlich to the football field. Not only did Herzlich lead the Eagles onto the field for the first time since the 2008 Music City Bowl, but he also finished the game with 5 tackles (3 solo, 2 assisted) in BC's victory over Weber State. 

Fittingly, there was no shortage of words written about Mark's story this weekend. Here's a rundown of some of those articles that help tell Mark's story and his return to the field.


No drama, just desire in Herzlich's post-cancer return - Dr. Saturday
"Under the actual circumstances, though, Herzlich could sit out the rest of the season and still win Comeback Player of the Year for leading the Eagles onto the field today, his first game action since being diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor in his leg last May. Not there's any chance of that, of course: You don't fight through chemo therapy and months of rehab for a token appearance against Weber State. He may not be back in peak form, but all that mattered today is that he's back."

A healthy step for Herzlich - Bob Ryan, Boston Globe
"You know he’s had enough of being Mark Herzlich, cancer victim. All he wants now is to be Mark Herzlich, linebacker supreme."

Mark Herzlich Makes His Return Saturday Against Weber State - SB Nation Boston
Ryan takes a look at Herzlich's story as well as his return to the field, leading the Eagles onto the Alumni Stadium turf on Saturday.

Notre Dame nun hits Heights for Mark Herzlich - Boston Herald
Conroy takes a look at the story of Sister Barbara Anne Hallman, a cancer survivor and Franciscan nun from South Bend who reached out to Mark and kept up regular correspondence with him when he was going through his cancer treatments.

Herzlich's return something to celebrate - ESPN Boston
"I felt good, I overran some plays but that's to be expected," said Herzlich, who played a part-time role and finished with 5 tackles. "It's a step in the right direction but I'm going to have to take bigger steps as we go."

Things We Learned: Herzlich's Return Helps Eagles Take Flight - WEEI The BC Blog
"It was what everyone was waiting for. For the first time in 612 days, linebacker Mark Herzlich ran out of the tunnel to the Eagles’ faithful in Alumni Stadium, where he was met with a roar of applause. It was a moment that fans, teammates, family and coaches from across the nation had waited for since hearing about Herzlich’s battle with Ewings Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. And, of course, Herzlich himself was no different."

Mark Herzlich returns to field after beating Ewing's sarcoma, and Boston College beats Weber State - NY Daily News
BC alum Kevin Armstrong's take on Herzlich's story for the NY Daily News.

Mark Herzlich returns, Boston College beats Weber State - USA Today Campus Rivalry
"To get the win, no matter how we played, is huge," Herzlich said afterward. "Now we have to get in the film room and work,"


Finally, the Herzlich return was the number 1 play on ESPN SportsCenter this morning. Here's to hoping the foot is on the mend and Herzlich is back on the field this week against Kent State.