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BC's Impact Freshmen And The Big Finish

Brian: One thing you'll notice right away when looking at the BC depth chart for the Weber State game is the number of freshmen and redshirt freshmen that dot the two-deep. In all, there are 13 (of 47 total) freshmen or redshirt freshman on the two-deep -- 6 on offense, 6 on defense and 1 on special teams. Only one of those freshmen, WLB Kevin Pierre-Louis, gets the start.

Who are you most excited to see take the first for the first time for the Eagles? Which freshmen or redshirt freshmen do you think will have the best years for the Eagles? Your thoughts?

Jeff: This will probably be very debatable come the end of the season but I highly doubt my stance will change.  I am most excited to see Nate Freese kick.  If he is as good as I am hoping then he will absolutely help us win games and we'll be talking about all the what-ifs of the past few seasons when we were forced to go for it on fourth downs when other teams would have been attempting field goals.  If Nate at least turns out to be a slightly above average kicker in terms of accuracy and has average range then that is still a step up from what we have had.  Aponavicious had above average accuracy but well below average range.

Brian: Can BC catch lightning in a bottle two years in a row with a true freshman starting at LB? Is Kevin Pierre-Louis this year's Luke Kuechly?

Jeff: There is a very good chance that Pierre-Louis will make a ton of tackles this season.  If Herzlich is playing well, teams are going to gameplan away from him and run the ball to the weak side allowing Pierre-Louis to make a lot of tackles.


Big Finish

Brian: Montel Harris wouldn't mind getting a little help in the backfield this season. Which backup running back do you think will have the biggest year of the three -- Williams, Kimble or Phifer?

Jeff: Tough one to call at this point, maybe Phifer.


Jeff: HD lists five ACC Heisman contenders for 2010. Any beefs with her list?

Brian: Montel Harris should definitely be on a top 5 ACC Heisman contender list. Russell Wilson isn't sniffing the Heisman. He has other things to worry about, like getting the Wolfpack to a bowl game.


Brian: ESPN's Eamonn Brennan takes a look at the best and worst case scenarios for each ACC basketball team this season. Will BC basketball end up closer to Brennan's best or worst case scenario next season?

Jeff: The .500ish worst case scenario is more realistic for the boys this season.  I like that that is worst case though.


Jeff: Dave Shinskie feels ready to lead the Eagles, but who will have the better performance statistically at QB tomorrow -- Shinskie or Marscovetra? 

Brian: I think each will see plenty of snaps but I actually think Marscovetra will finish with the better stats.


Brian: Apparently BC's sleeper potential only goes so far, as SI's Stewart Mandel projects BC in the Music City Bowl opposite South Carolina. Your thoughts?

Jeff: Are we really a big sleeper having won the division 2 of the last 3 years?


Jeff: Jerry York and BU's Jack Parker were among the recipients of this year's Lester Patrick Trophy. Your thoughts?

Brian: Fitting that the head coaches of the two bitter rival programs are recognized in the same year.


Brian: Last one. HD is predicting just a 17 point victory for the Eagles this weekend. Sound about right? Or just another season, another heaping dose of disrespect from our favorite ESPN blogger?

Jeff: Consider the source - that means BC by at least 27.


Pick 5

Another year, another pick 5. This will be the third year for our weekly college football pick'em. Last year, I pulled out a 4 game victory, going 40-30 (0.571). In 2008, Jeff took home the title, finishing with a record of 42-33 (0.560). Leave your own picks in the comments section.


Miami (Ohio) at Florida -36.5
Northwestern -3.5 at Vanderbilt
Colorado at Colorado State +11.5
Cincinnati +2.5 at Fresno State
Boise State -1.5 vs. Virginia Tech


Texas -31 at Rice
Purdue +10.5 at Notre Dame
North Texas +27
at Clemson
UNC +10 v LSU
Maryland at Navy -6