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Boston College Depth Chart For Notre Dame Game

Here's the Eagles' updated depth chart for the Notre Dame game. There's just one 'OR' on the depth chart this week and boy, it's a doozy. Here's the lowdown.

On offense, of course the biggest change is at quarterback, where Marscovetra and Rettig are listed in the starting QB slot -- with that dreaded "OR" between their names. The Globe and ATL Eagle say Rettig will start. Today, Spaziani says he still doesn't know. So ... believe whatever you want at this point?

Here's my take. Rettig starts and Spaz is being coy to make the Irish have to prepare for both quarterbacks. Throw them off the scent a bit. Though it's not like Notre Dame can pop in the Chase Rettig Boston College Greatest Hits highlight reel into the videocassette player, so, yeah.

Lee and Coleman again swap spots on the depth chart. Lee is listed as the starting WR along with Momah, backed up by freshman Bobby Swigert and Coleman. Billy Flutie is no longer listed as a wide out on the two-deep this week.

No changes on the offensive line, which is a little strange considering it appeared that Spinney struggled in his first career start. Spinney again gets the start over Thomas Claiborne at right guard. If the Spinney-over-Claiborne move really wasn't performance based but rather a "team rules" violation thing, I don't understand starting Spinney at RG for the second straight week.

On defense, Ramsey gets the start at left tackle and Scafe gets the start at right. Conor O'Neal is now off the two-deep. For the second straight week, there's a bit of musical chairs at the backup linebacker positions. This week, it's Clancy (SLB), Morrissey (MLB) and Divitto (WLB). The only change in the secondary is Dominique Williams getting dropped from the backup BC slot in favor of Chris Fox.

The complete Eagles depth chart after the jump.



WR Ifeanyi Momah 6-6 240 Sr.
Johnathan Coleman 6-4 214 R-Fr.

WR Clyde Lee 6-0 193 So.
Bobby Swigert 6-1 180 Fr.

LT Anthony Castonzo 6-7 308 Sr.
John Wetzel 6-8 303 So.

LG Emmett Cleary 6-7 300 So.
Ian White 6-5 288 R-Fr.

C Nathan Richman 6-6 300 Jr.
Mark Spinney 6-4 282 Jr.

RG Mark Spinney 6-4 282 Jr. 
Thomas Claiborne 6-3 332 Sr.

RT Rich Lapham 6-8 323 Sr.
Emmett Cleary 6-7 300 So.

TE Chris Pantale 6-6 248 So.
Lars Anderson 6-3 240 Jr.

QB Michael Marscovetra 6-4 210 So. OR Chase Rettig 6-3 210 Fr.
Dave Shinskie 6-4 220 So.

RB Montel Harris 5-10 200 Jr.
Sterlin Phifer 5-10 213 R-Fr.

FB James McCluskey 6-2 252 Sr.
Codi Boek 6-3 239 Sr.



LE Alex Albright 6-5 251 Sr.
Max Holloway 6-2 250 So.

LT Kaleb Ramsey 6-3 295 Jr.
Bryan Murray 6-2 293 So.

RT Damik Scafe 6-3 309 Sr.
Jaryd Rudolph 6-4 287 Fr.

RE Brad Newman 6-2 257 Sr. 
Kasim Edebali 6-2 248 R-Fr.

SLB Mark Herzlich 6-4 238 Sr.
Nick Clancy 6-2 235 So.

MLB Luke Kuechly 6-3 235 So.
Mike Morrissey 6-2 225 Sr.

WLB Kevin Pierre-Louis 6-1 215 Fr.
Steele Divitto 6-3 220 Fr.

FC Donnie Fletcher 6-1 200 Jr.
C.J. Jones 5-11 173 Fr.

BC DeLeon Gause 5-11 184 Sr.
Chris Fox 5-11 198 Sr.

SS Dominick LeGrande 6-2 215 Jr.
Jim Noel 6-4 186 So.

FS Wes Davis 6-1 217 Sr.
Okechukwu Okoroha 6-1 205 So.


Special Teams

Nate Freese 6-0 180 R-Fr.
Ryan Quigley 6-3 189 Jr. 

Ryan Quigley 6-3 189 Jr.
Gerald Levano 6-2 210 So.

S Sean Flaherty 6-2 204 So.
Luke Kuechly 6-3 235 So.

Billy Flutie 6-2 186 Sr.
Ryan Quigley 6-3 189 Jr.

PR DeLeon Gause 5-11 184 Sr.
Chris Fox 5-11 198 Sr.

KR DeLeon Gause 5-11 184 Sr.
Chris Fox 5-11 198 Sr.