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Sagarin Predictor Update: The Most Disappointing 8-4 Season In School History?

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Here's an updated look at BC's remaining nine games after last weekend's carnage. Using the Jeff Sagarin predictor, and despite failing to score against Virginia Tech, BC is still predicted to finish the season 8-4 (4-4 ACC). It's the second straight week that BC has been projected to finish 8-4 (up one win from weeks 1 and 2).

Yes, BC's remaining opponents are just that bad.

Rating Opponent Result
71.46 Notre Dame Win
81.57 at N.C. State Loss
85.05 at Florida State Loss
74.71 Maryland Win
74.43 Clemson Win
68.77 at Wake Forest Win
61.13 at Duke Win
77.01 Virginia Loss
67.86 at Syracuse Win

There was also a lot of movement with the projected ACC standings. Florida State is now projected to lose to Miami in the ACC and finish 7-1. However, FSU still wins the Atlantic by virtue of the head-to-head tiebreaker over N.C. State. Tom O'Brien's Wolfpack -- 4-0 after a surprising win over Georgia Tech -- is now projected to finish the season 11-1, losing only to Florida State.

After Wake's listless 31-0 performance against Florida State, the Deacons are predicted to finish three games worse than last week's prediction, 2-10 and 1-7 in the ACC (along with Duke). That means that Wake won't win another game this year. Yes, even against Vanderbilt at home to end the regular season. Ouch. 

Full ACC projected standings here.

Atlantic W L W L Coastal W L W L
Florida State 7 1 9 3 Miami 8 0 11 1
N.C. State 7 1 11 1 Virginia Tech 6 2 8 4
Boston College 4 4 8 4 Georgia Tech 4 4 6 6
Clemson 3 5 5 7 Virginia 4 4 7 5
Maryland 2 6 5 7 North Carolina 2 6 5 7
Wake Forest 1 7 2 10 Duke 0 8 1 11

If this plays out like the above, with the Eagles finishing the year 8-4, this season may very well go down as one of the most disappointing eight win performances in school history.