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Blogpoll: Preliminary Week 5, Where Our Ballot's Wolfpack Grows By Two

Here is our preliminary blogpoll ballot for week 5. Utah (explanation below), Oklahoma State, BC and Oregon State are out this week. They've been replaced by two Wolfpacks, Michigan State and Florida State.

Utah takes a bit of a tumble based on the performance that Pitt turned in Thursday night against Miami. Suddenly, Utah's season opening win against Pitt (needing OT to beat the Panthers. at home.) looks that much less impressive. Pitt is the Ute's lone "marquee" win on the year. Utah's other three wins are against teams with a combined 2-10 record, and the schedule doesn't get any tougher until late October / early November.

Nevada and N.C. State enter our ballot this week, marking what has to be the first time two teams nicknamed the Wolfpack cracked our Top 25. "And my wolf pack, it grew by two. So were two…so there was two of us in the pack. First there were no wolves in the pack, and then Nevada and N.C. State joined in later."

Teams encouraging the most disagreement between our two ballots Michigan (4.24), Michigan State (2.12), Florida State (2.12) and N.C. State (2.12). Jeff and I agree on just two teams this week -- #1 Alabama and #12 Arizona.

By conference: 6 SEC, 6 Big Ten, 4 Pac-10, 3 Big 12, 3 ACC, 1 Mountain West, 2 WAC.

Additions? Subtractions? Let us hear it in the comments section.