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Boston College Makes A Call To The Bullpen

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But it won't be to former minor league RHP Dave Shinskie, who will be benched in favor of Mike Marscovetra or Chase Rettig for Saturday's game against the Irish.

"We are going to make a change at quarterback,'' said Spaziani, indicating that back-up Mike Marscovetra and freshman Chase Rettig wil move up in the depth chart for the starting job this week for the job which had belonged to sophomore Dave Shinskie. "Mike and Chase will compete for the job this week.''

Conroy adds that Spaziani said the decision could be made right up until gametime.

On the year, Marscovetra is 8-13 passing for 92 yards and one touchdown to go with an interception. We last saw Rettig in BC's fourth and final fall camp scrimmage, completing 6-7 passes for 50 yards. He finished fall camp completing 18-of-26 passes for 142 yards.