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It's Not Midnight Madness, It's ICE JAM!

Ice War
Ice War

Brian: On Tuesday, the BC Athletics Department along with UGBC, announced plans for the school's first ever ICE JAM. What is the ICE JAM, you might ask?

"Four Boston College teams, the men's and women's basketball teams, the women's ice hockey team and the defending national champion men's ice hockey team will participate in this one-of-a-kind event.


Conte Forum will be transformed with the ice exposed on one half of the arena and a basketball court on the other so that each team will be able to participate in their natural environment."

What do you think about this event? Do you think that this is the type of event that could catch on at other schools? Your thoughts?

Jeff: I am very excited that BC is trying something like this. Midnight Madness takes place at many other schools but never started at BC. This sounds like something to replace that which is great.

Other schools might be interested in doing something similar but there are not very many other places where hockey and men's basketball are on somewhat of the same level in terms of popularity. Michigan and Wisconsin are the only schools I can come up with off the top of my head. BC has a unique athletics program where it is rather successful at three sports, expecially since it is a smaller private school. This might have been the one way to get Conte Forum close to filled. Doing a basketball or hockey only event might not have brought out enough students and fans to make it worth while.

Brian: Hopefully this is the type of event that fans and students get excited about and one that has legs beyond 2010. It's important for Steve Donahue to sell BC basketball and all the new faces that will be hitting the hardwood this fall. It's also a great opportunity to showcase the school's hockey programs, though not sure how much more "selling" York has to do with the men's team.

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