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Scheduling Future Non-BCS Opponents And The Big Finish

Brian: If there's one thing we learned last weekend, it's that ACC teams can probably do a better job thinking strategically about the annual football schedule. Virginia Tech played James Madison with just four days of rest, and was coming off an emotional loss to a Boise State team. Meanwhile, Florida State and Miami went on the road and got beat bad by legit Top 10 outfits with National Title aspirations. Those three programs, combined with Georgia Tech, gave the ACC another early season black-eye and quickly dragged the rest of ACC football down with them.

BC's future BCS conference opponents are pretty well set for the next few years (Northwestern, USC, Notre Dame, Syracuse), but what about the non-BCS opponents? On Wednesday, Bill tackled the issue of which five non-BCS programs he'd like to see on the Eagles' future schedule. Any beefs with his list?

What other non-AQ programs, other than the ones currently on the future schedule (UCF, Buffalo, Army), would you like to see on the future sched?

Jeff: I certainly agree with getting Navy back on the schedule but other than that there's no one on his list I'm all that excited about. Let's assume everyone we're talking about would be willing to do a 2-1 deal where they come to Alumni Stadium twice and we go there once as the MAC teams did. I don't know if Navy would agree to that nowadays but perhaps. East Carolina is one of the first teams I would call because they have a good program but still a game we should win. I would then go down the list of other Conference USA teams with probably Marshall being next. I would love to see an annual C-USA game replace the annual MAC game because in C-USA there are always some sure win teams and a team or two flirting with the top 25. The MAC has had those top 25 teams occasionally but also goes some seasons without any teams hardly getting a single vote.

Brian: I agree Navy should be the first call. After that, I've already waxed poetic about how great it would be to renew a Villanova-BC rivalry, so I'd much rather see Villanova on the schedule if/when they make the jump to the Big East than Temple.

NIU doesn't do much for me as BC already plays Northwestern and Notre Dame over the next few seasons. The Huskies are a good MAC program that, while they would definitely go for a 2-1, would be a tough out. Instead of NIU, I'd like to see the Eagles schedule Miami (Ohio) or Ohio from the MAC. BC is just 0-1 all-time against Ohio and has never played the RedHawks in football (a fact which I find very surprising). BC and Miami has become an annual NCAA Tournament game in hockey so I'd love to play in football, too. BC probably isn't going to get Ohio State or Cincinnati on the schedule, so why not schedule these MAC opponents that are close to the Cincinnati recruiting pipeline?

I think the idea of playing more Conference USA teams is a good one, but I really don't like a game against ECU. On any given year, BC can play anywhere between 3 to 6 times in the state of North Carolina against N.C. State, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Duke, the ACC Championship Game and the Meineke Car Care Bowl. Yet another trip to NC seems a bit excessive to me. Staying in C-USA though, why not UAB? BC has only played in the state of Alabama once in its history -- a 1984 game against Alabama -- and it would be good to get some exposure in a southern market where BC doesn't normally travel.

Two more. I think a rematch of the 2003 Emerald Bowl would be compelling. How about a series with Colorado State? Their program is a mess right now and there seems to be a decent sized pocket of alumni in the Denver / Boulder / Fort Collins area. Finally, and staying in the Mountain West, how about UNLV? I can't think of one good reason NOT to schedule a game in Sin City. Vegas, baby. Vegas.

To recap, my five: Navy, Miami (Ohio), UAB, Colorado State, UNLV.


Big Finish

Brian: Last week, the Eagles offense gained just 3.7 yards per play (57 plays, 212 yards) in non-garbage time possessions. Are you as concerned as I am that we won't see much offensive improvement by the Virginia Tech game?

Jeff: I think it's all about the O-Line and they will play with much more energy against the teams on our schedule from here on out.


Jeff: The Eagles picked up another commitment on Thursday, adding 6-7, 285 pound OT Victor Nelson. Your thoughts? 

Brian: That's really close to where I was living at Northwestern. Great to see BC picking up more recruits over Big Ten schools (Wisconsin, Illinois) in the Big Ten's backyard.


Brian: Kuechly proved you wrong last week, recording a double digit tackle total for the 11th straight game. By how many more games will Kuechly extend his FBS-leading streak?

Jeff: My logic was proven wrong so I am no going against him the rest of the season. Bowl game included.


Jeff: After N.C. State handled Cincinnati last night, just how bad is the Big East?

Brian: Going to reserve any disparaging remarks on Big East football until more of these ACC-Big East matchups are finalized (Maryland-West Virginia, Miami-Pitt, UNC-Rutgers, BC-Syracuse). Karma, you know?


Brian: ranks this year's Eagles basketball team 10th in the ACC and 108th overall. Sound about right?

Jeff: I like to think we're top 100 but not too far off.


Jeff: The Oregon Ducks basketball program is now under investigation. Do you think this will affect BC's Matt Humphrey, an Oregon transfer?

Brian: I don't think it will affect Humphrey's move to BC, but UO basketball sure seems to be a mess.


Brian: Last one. Which ACC program has the best chance at knocking off a ranked BCS opponent this weekend, and bringing some much needed respectability back to the conference - Maryland (at West Virginia), Duke (Alabama), Clemson (at Auburn) or Wake Forest (at Stanford)?

Jeff: Maryland without question. West Virginia has not looked good in either game so far this year.


Pick 5

Jeff is 6-4 on the season (.600) while Brian is off to a slow, slow (bad) start to the year at 3-7 (.300).


Maryland +10 at West Virginia 
East Carolina +20 at Virginia Tech
Notre Dame +3.5 at Michigan State 
Nebraska -3 at Washington
BYU +10.5 at Florida State


Alabama -24 at Duke
BYU at Florida State -10.5
Louisville at Oregon State -20
Texas -3 at Texas Tech
Wake Forest at Stanford -17.5