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Poll: How Many Non-Conference Wins Will The ACC Tally In Week 3?

The Eagles have the week off, so they can sit back and watch the rest of the ACC try to bounce back from a weekend where ACC teams went 4-5 in non-conference play (and 2-4 against FBS competition).

What will be the ACC's record in week 3? Can they improve on their 4-5 record from last weekend?

Here's the weekend's slate of games:

Cincinnati (1-1) at N.C. State (2-0) -- Thursday 7:30, ESPN
Maryland (2-0) at West Virginia (2-0) -- Saturday noon, ESPNU
East Carolina (2-0) at Virginia Tech (0-2) -- Saturday 1:30,
BYU (1-1) at Florida State (1-1) -- Saturday 3:30, ESPNU
Alabama (2-0) at Duke (1-1) -- Saturday 3:30, ABC
Clemson (2-0) at Auburn (2-0) -- Saturday 7, ESPN
Wake Forest (2-0) at Stanford (2-0) -- Saturday 11:15, ESPN2

Of those seven games, currently only 3 ACC teams are favored in those games. N.C. State -2, Florida State -9.5 and Virginia Tech -19.5.

Thoughts on week 3 of the ACC college football season? And how many wins will the ACC tally in non-conference play during week 3?