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Poll: How Many Non-Conference Wins Will The ACC Tally In Week 3?

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The Eagles have the week off, so they can sit back and watch the rest of the ACC try to bounce back from a weekend where ACC teams went 4-5 in non-conference play (and 2-4 against FBS competition).

What will be the ACC's record in week 3? Can they improve on their 4-5 record from last weekend?

Here's the weekend's slate of games:

Cincinnati (1-1) at N.C. State (2-0) -- Thursday 7:30, ESPN
Maryland (2-0) at West Virginia (2-0) -- Saturday noon, ESPNU
East Carolina (2-0) at Virginia Tech (0-2) -- Saturday 1:30,
BYU (1-1) at Florida State (1-1) -- Saturday 3:30, ESPNU
Alabama (2-0) at Duke (1-1) -- Saturday 3:30, ABC
Clemson (2-0) at Auburn (2-0) -- Saturday 7, ESPN
Wake Forest (2-0) at Stanford (2-0) -- Saturday 11:15, ESPN2

Of those seven games, currently only 3 ACC teams are favored in those games. N.C. State -2, Florida State -9.5 and Virginia Tech -19.5.

Thoughts on week 3 of the ACC college football season? And how many wins will the ACC tally in non-conference play during week 3?