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Boston College Football Starts Practice Today

It's finally here. After the long offseason wait, Boston College will officially begin practicing for the 2010 season. The festivities kick off this morning with meetings and the team will practice in the afternoon. The countdown is now down to 26 days before the season opener against Weber State on September 4.

I take a look at five storylines that will emerge from the Eagles summer camp over at SB Nation Boston. The dominant story, of course, will be the return of Herzlich. But I also think that some very big questions at defensive line, quarterback, wide receiver and running back will hopefully be answered this month.

With the August practice and scrimmage season finally upon us, the MSM has awoken from their midsummer slumber to provide us with some color on the 2010 version of the Eagles.

Blauds takes a look at the Eagles depleted defensive line and also has a feature on the maturation of Shinskie. He also posted a blog post about Billy Flutie and his rise to the top of the Eagles receiving depth chart. Conroy takes a look at five questions facing the Eagles.

As we head into summer camp, here's my best guess as to what the two-deep looks like for the Eagles. This will undoubtedly change a few times between now and September 4. 


WR Colin Larmond Jr. 6-3 200 Jr.
Clyde Lee 6-0 191 So.

WR Billy Flutie 6-2 194 Sr. OR Ifeanyi Momah 6-6 228 Sr OR Johnathan Coleman 6-4 218 R-Fr.
Shakim Phillips 6-2 195 Fr. 

LT Anthony Castonzo 6'7" 295 Sr.
John Wetzel 6-7 286 So.

LG Emmett Cleary 6-7 297 So.
Mark Spinney 6-4 292 Jr.

C Nathan Richman 6-6 292 Jr.
Ian White 6-5 299 R-Fr.

RG Thomas Claiborne 6-3 325 Sr.
Nick Halloran 6-6 277 So.

RT Rich Lapham 6-8 322 Sr.
Mike Goodman Jr 6-6 302 So.

TE Chris Pantale 6-6 244 So.
Lars Anderson 6-3 243 Jr.

QB Dave Shinskie 6-4 216 So.
Michael Marscovetra 6-4 192 So.

RB Montel Harris 5-10 200 Jr.
Sterlin Phifer 5-10 213 R-Fr.

FB James McCluskey 6-2 251 Sr.
Codi Boek 6-2 221 Sr.



LE Alex Albright 6-5 248 Sr.
Kasim Edebali 6-2 245 R-Fr.

LT Bryan Murray 6-2 295 So. [Updated with Scafe out]
Dominic Appiah 6-5 260 Fr.

RT Conor O'Neal 6-3 299 So. [Updated with Ramsey out] 
Dillon Quinn 6-6 279 R-Fr. 

RE Brad Newman 6-2 256 Sr. 
Max Holloway 6-2 242 So.

SLB Mark Herzlich 6-4 238 Sr.
Kevin Pierre-Louis 6-1 215 Fr.

MLB Luke Kuechly 6-3 225 So.
Nick Clancy 6-3 226 So.

WLB Mike Morrissey 6-2 219 Sr. OR Will Thomson 6-1 230 Jr.
Alexander DiSanzo 6-3 230 So.

CB Donnie Fletcher 6-1 196 Jr.
Chris Fox 5-11 198 Sr.

CB DeLeon Gause 5-11 179 Sr.
Isaac Johnson 6-0 183 Jr.

SS Dominick LeGrande 6-2 218 Jr.
Jim Noel 6-4 181 So.

FS Wes Davis 6-1 221 Sr.
Okechukwu Okoroha 6-1 195 So.


Special Teams

K Nate Freese 6-0 170 R-Fr.
Ryan Quigley 6-3 191 Jr.

Ryan Quigley 6-3 191 Jr.
Billy Flutie 6-2 194 Sr.

KR DeLeon Gause 5-11 179 Sr.
Montel Harris 5-10 200 Jr.

PR DeLeon Gause 5-11 179 Sr.
Clyde Lee 6-0 191 So.


Rolandan Finch, who we thought was going to serve as Harris' backup, looks like he will miss the season after suffering a knee injury this spring. My guess is you can then plug redshirt freshman Sterlin Phifer into the backup running back position. 

Thoughts on the depth chart?