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The Boston College Eagles Twitter Index

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If there's one thing we learned from the most recent NCAA investigations into the North Carolina football program, it's be careful what you write on Twitter. So I thought, what better time than now to take stock of the various BC players and alumni who are jumping on the growing social media platform.

Here are a few Eagles on Twitter right now who are worth a follow.

Current Players 

-- Mark Herzlich @MarkHerzlich
-- Anthony Castonzo @AnthonyCastonzo
-- Johnathan Coleman @jvcoleman
-- Lars Anderson @Lars_Anderson87

Hoops Alumni

-- Jared Dudley @JaredDudley619
-- Craig Smith @CSmeezy5
-- Tyrese Rice @ReseRice4
-- John Oates @JOates32
-- Tyler Roche @T2Roche1
-- Marquez Hayes @QuezHayes00

Football Alumni

-- Matt Hasselbeck @Hasselbeck
-- Bill Romanowski @billromanowski
-- Will Blackmon @willblackmon27
-- Razzie Smith @RazzleDazzle407
-- Damien Woody @damienwoody
-- Marc Colombo @marccolombo
-- Roderick Rollins @MrLateforClass

Other Sports Alumni

-- Charlie Davies @CharlieDavies9
-- Alejandro Bedoya @AleBedoya17
-- Bruce Pearl @CoachBrucePearl
-- Ayla Brown @AylaBrown
-- Kenny Florian @Kenny_Florian


Now only if we could get Matt Ryan on Twitter. He recently gave blogging a shot. Why not give micro-blogging a shot?

Oh yeah, and we're on Twitter, too. Be sure to follow us @bcinterruption.


Know of any other Eagles on Twitter? Leave them in the comments section.