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Will Weather Be A Factor In Boston College's Season Opener?

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Hurricane Earl, the second major hurricane of 2010, is expected to hit the Boston area on Friday. On Monday, the Category 4 storm brought strong winds and rain to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Flights were cancelled and cruise ships were diverted from the area, and some local area airports and seaports remain closed today.

Even though the storm looks like it will hit the Boston area Friday instead of Saturday, it remains somewhat of a factor in BC's plans for Saturday: 

"It looks as if Hurricane Earl will no more than sideswipe New England, and on Friday instead of Saturday. Yet the storm remains "somewhat" a factor in Boston College’s plan for the opener against Weber State, Eagles SID Chris Cameron said Monday. The Wildcats already had planned to fly the 2,300 miles to Boston on Thursday."

In 1998, a game between UCLA and Miami was postponed due to Hurricane Georges. The Bruins and Hurricanes made up the game 10 weeks later on December 5.

This will be something to watch for later this week. If Weber State can't make it to Boston, there's not much room on the schedule to make up the game. Back in 1998, both UCLA and Miami didn't have a conference championship game to worry about during the first week of December. During BC's only bye week in week 3, Weber State plays a Big Sky Conference game at Sacramento State.

It probably won't come to cancelling this weekend's game, but the weather will certainly be something to keep an eye on over the next few days.