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BC Interruption Football T-Shirt Design Contest Finalists

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Here are the finalists for our BC Interruption football t-shirt design contest. Let me first say that the quality of shirt ideas was outstanding and definitely made this decision tough. Note: designs are presented below as is. We will take the winning design and ensure that nothing runs afoul of copyright and TM issues.

In no particular order:


Castonzo for Rhodes / The Rhode To The 'Ship 
Creator: theheights

Not only is Anthony Castonzo paving the way for Montel Harris to eclipse the 2k mark this season, he's also paving the way to the ACC Championship. Oh yeah, and he's wicked smart.


The Dark Knight
Creator: BCMike22

Incorporating some of BCMike's design ideas here with the quote from the Dark Knight. Front: Eye black or 94 or "Sack Cancer." Back: "The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming."


Boy Wonder
Creator: Batman & Robin

Kuechly is the true Boy Wonder. Appropriate considering a BC alum played Robin in the 1997 movie.


The Track To Revenge
Creator: theheights

The Boston College revenge tour starts September 25 against Virginia Tech.


The Shore
Creator: cconlon

Kuechly does his part to promote a grenade-free campus.


Honorable mention: Shinskie for Cy Young, Mr. Freese, Chick-fil-NO (Banned in Boston), Home Alone Baldwin, Use The Force Luke, Detective Tahj Kimble. Also had a good laugh over "Hokies Have No Balls."