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What Do Computers Know Anyway?

Whatif Sports ran their simulation for all 120 Division I college football teams. Here's how they see the ACC race playing out this year:


The WhatIf Sports algorithm, likely programmed by Andre Ware or Lou Holtz, has the Eagles finishing with a 6-6 record (4-4 ACC).

In their individual predicted game results, WhatIf Sports has Boston College losing to Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Florida State, Clemson and Syracuse (with less than a 20 percent chance of beating the Hokies and Tigers at home and the Seminoles on the road). Count on one more loss from one of three toss-up games -- at N.C. State (61%), at Wake Forest (63%) and Virginia (61%) -- and you end up with a 6-6 record.

This seems more like a nightmare scenario than a simulation grounded in any sort of reality. Lucky for BC, games are played on the field, not simulated on a computer.