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BlogPoll: Reader Poll About The Preseason BlogPoll

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With college football right around the corner, the Preseason Blogpoll ballot deadline is coming up soon. Just like the last two seasons, Jeff and I will continue to represent Boston College in the poll. We were also excited to learn that this season, the Blogpoll will be moving to SB Nation. CBS didn't do much with the poll last year and hopefully the move to SBN offers up more integration with our site and SB Nation's college football coverage.

For the preseason poll, we thought we'd ask you, our readers, who deserves to be in the poll. Help us narrow down the list of teams we should consider in our preseason ballot, which we'll release later this week. Below are the teams we think should be included:

ACC: Virginia Tech, Miami, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Florida State, North Carolina
Big 12: Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska 
Big East: Pittsburgh, West Virginia
Big 10: Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan
Mountain West: TCU, Utah, Air Force, BYU
Pac 10: Oregon, USC, Stanford, Oregon State
SEC: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Arkansas
WAC: Boise State

For reference, here is our final 2009 Blogpoll ballot. Our year-ending ballot's Top 10 read Alabama (14-0), Florida (13-1), Boise State (14-0), Texas (13-1), TCU (12-1), Virginia Tech (10-3), Ohio State (11-2), Iowa (11-2), Cincinnati (12-1) and Penn State (11-2).

If you're new to the site, and have no idea what the Blogpoll is, fret not. The Blogpoll is simply a college football poll run and voted on by sports bloggers. And it's a poll that you, the fan, have a say in. Each week, we'll post a preliminary blogpoll ballot on Monday, you give us some feedback, and we'll make adjustments to our ballot before the Wednesday morning deadline.

So we've listed 30 teams above. Which programs deserve Top 25 consideration? Which teams shouldn't be on this list? Your preseason Top 10? Let us know your thoughts.