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Damik Scafe Back At Boston College

Senior Damik Scafe, the Eagles most experienced defensive tackle, is back at Boston College and is expected to take part in conditioning drills, according to a Tweet from EA's Eric Hoffses. The return of both Scafe and Ramsey bolsters what was shaping up to be a very thin Eagles defensive line.

Damik Scafe will be back to practice today taking part in conditioning drills. A step in the right direction for Boston collegeless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


Getting Scafe back so early in camp definitely comes as a surprise to most Eagles fans. Just this morning, the Herald blog, in reporting that Kaleb Ramsey had returned to camp, added that they didn't expect Scafe back until the end of camp. Scafe is recovering from successful back surgery in the offseason.

As per NCAA rules, both Scafe and Ramsey will have to practice the first two days with helmets and no pads and the second two days with helmets and shells. So both DTs won't participate in tomorrow's first team scrimmage.

If Scafe returns to form, the Eagles will get an immediate boost at defensive tackle. Scafe and Ramsey will compete with sophomores Bryan Murray, Mike Goodman Jr., Conor O'Neal and redshirt freshman Dillon Quinn for spots on the Eagles fall depth chart.